Brands We Carry

Our baskets are comprised of goodies from a variety of brands, so everyone can enjoy their favourite. From classic chocolate snacks like KitKat, Oreo Cookies, and M&M's to premium luxury like Godiva, Lindt, and Wildly Delicious, we include something for all flavour preferences and personalities. Decadence is a quality that remains throughout all of our offerings, regardless of budget or event. We also pride ourselves on our selection of Canadian brands, including Le Clerc, Ma's Kitchen, Sabrina's Collection, Sprucewood Cookies, and Sweet Smiths. It's imperative that the brands we choose reflect our attention to quality and inclusive variety. 

It's imperative we offer the highest quality goods, whether it be snacks, baby accessories, or alcohol. Our baskets are only as good as what's inside, which is why through trial and error we've learned exactly what our customers are looking for. 

 A staple in our gourmet baskets are Lindt and Godiva chocolate bars. We like to incorporate a generous mixture of the classics with new, limited flavours to add a little bit of unconventional deliciousness. The elegant taste we all know and love come in a majority of our selection, including a variety of truffle flavours and cocoa percentages. 

Wildly Delicious compotes are aptly named with their bursts of robust flavour that compliment a plethora of dishes. Spread them on crackers with cheese, incorporate them in your own dip recipe, or pair them with meat and fish for a little sweetness. 

We love incorporated shortbread cookies in our deluxe food gifts for their flavour and texture. Wonderfully satisfying without complicated flavours, shortbread cookies are great on their own or as a palette cleanser. Chocolate chip cookies are a mainstay for obvious reasons. Kids and adults love the nostalgic taste of flour, sugar, and chocolate that can be used as the "bread" of an ice cream sandwich or dunked into a cold glass of milk. 

It's also a great way to taste-test something you wouldn't typically get to do. Regardless of who are sending to, quality should never be compromised. Whether you're wishing your mom a Happy Mother's Day or congratulating an employee you barely know, make an impression with a little bit of luxury. We make it easier than ever to go buy the best present without having to leave your desktop. Pick and click what you like with the guarantee of our quality insurance. The convenience of shopping is now at the convenience of your fingertips!