How to Send Gift Baskets from Russia to Canada

Learn how to send gift baskets from Russia to Canada. Send gift baskets anywhere in Canada within 1 to 4 business days with Simontea. We offer free delivery for baskets over $100.00 dollars. Receive same-day Toronto delivery when you place your order before 11 am local Toronto time.

How Much Does It Cost To Send A Gift To Canada?

If you’re looking to have a gift basket sent from Russia to Canada, your first thought is likely of the expense. While shipping prices vary by distance, the unfortunate truth is that sending gifts overseas is never an inexpensive option.

Shipping companies charge by weight, and to have gifts sent from Russia to Canada, even sending a relatively light package might cost you a huge amount! On top of that, depending on what your generous gift basket is valued at, you may find yourself paying additional fees in the form of duties and customs tax.

Gift Baskets Canada

It’s, unfortunately, all too likely that you’ll wind up paying an arm and a leg to have gift baskets from Russia sent to Canada. And to top it all off, everything from the weather, tariff issues and problems at the borders can cause your gift sent to Canada from Russia to arrive at its chosen destination far later than intended.

All of that sounds frustrating, but you might be wondering what your other option is. Simply not sending gifts to your Canadian loved ones living in Edmonton or your best friend staying in Toronto isn’t a great option. Being separated from the people we care for is hard enough, and now there are all these limitations on sending them gifts as well?

Don’t despair, for there is another way. Bypass the expense and frustration of having gifts shipped from Russian to Canada. Your cousin in Montreal, your aunt in Calgary and your best friend from college in Toronto will be absolutely thrilled when you send them a gourmet gift basket from a local gifting company.

Choosing to send gift baskets with a company already in Canada is the best way to avoid huge overseas shipping costs as well as delays due to weather and border trouble. Go online to place your order from anywhere around the world. Gifting companies in Canada, such as Simontea, can take your order from Russia and have any of the gourmet gift baskets and luxury gift boxes on our website sent anywhere in Canada.

Same Day Delivery Gift Baskets

If you’re sending gifts from Russia to Toronto, place your order with Simontea before 11:00 AM local Toronto time and receive same-day shipping in Toronto! For gift baskets valued at over $100.00 CAD, delivery around Ontario is even included at no extra fee! We can have any of the unique gifts on our website anywhere throughout the country within 1 to 4 business days.