Thornhill Flower Delivery

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If you’ve every attended a birthday or dinner party, chances are you’ve seen some beautiful flower bouquets. Giving a bouquet of beautiful flowers is a common practice. Particularly when going on dates or trying to surprise someone on a special occasion. But even as we all engage in this common and generous practice, so few of us understand the history behind. 

The history of gifting bunches of flowers goes back even farther than we can trace. What we know of its origins belongs to myths and folktales going as far back as ancient Greece and China. Flowers play an important role in Greek mythology. The Greeks believed flowers were a way to express emotions that were otherwise unspoken.

Today, we give flowers for essentially the same reasons. For instance, we select an arrangement of pink peonies to surprise our spouse. Chrysanthemum to express gratitude to the host of a dinner party. Gifting bouquets of lilies or arrangements of roses is our way of saying to the recipient that we appreciate their efforts.

Flowers Near Me in Thornhill 

Gifting your girlfriend red carnations or roses on Valentine's Day is part of a tradition that dates back centuries. Today, to send flowers to the people you care for, you no longer need to rush physically to the florist before they close. No longer do you need to worry if you picked the right arrangement for the occassion. Simontea's online flower shop takes care of all the head ache including the delivery and makes sure everything is perfect. 

Thanks to our online flower delivery service, it’s now easier than ever before to access an incredible selection of flowers online. Simontea provides the best flower delivery available in Thornhill and the GTA. No matter where you live it’s easy and efficient to send flowers to your loved ones to offer a token of your appreciation. 

Thornhill Fun Facts

Thornhill is a community in York Region, Ontario. Mainly a suburban area, Thornhill is also home to many preserved historical sites, including the village of Old Thornhill. In the year 1974, the Thornhill Historical Society was founded to ensure the vast history of the area was not lost to modern generations. The Society is dedicated to the preservation of historical knowledge, and advocates for the architectural heritage of the community to be maintained. 

Around the area, notable historical sites are marked with informative plaques. The Thornhill Historical Society also hosts events throughout the year and offers a guide online for those interested to conduct a self-guided walking tour of the historical sites and buildings. 

Another long-standing institution of the Thornhill community is York’s Farmer’s Market. This indoor market was established in the 1950’s and has been providing patrons with fresh foods and other wares since its inception.