Baby Smart Girl

Every parent wants the best for their new little girl, and the Baby Smart Girl Walker Gift Basket collection includes premium products and toys sure to leave an impression. The new little girl will be able to wear the 5-piece set of soft 100% cotton clothing by Carter right away and she's sure to snuggle up to the small plush toy by Kaloo. When she's ready, the collection comes packed inside a solid wood walking trolley to help her with her first steps. She'll be able to learn her alphabet and counting with 30 solid wood cubes with the alphabet and numbers and an abacus too. A puzzle and house shaped sorting box with 8 solid wood cubes will help to teach her how to tell the time. There's a book to read to her at storytime or bedtime to complete the set. It's a gift basket baby will grow into and parents will love.

 The Baby Smart Girl Walker Baby Gift Basket includes:

    • Walking trolley with 30 alphabet cubes and numbers and an abacus to play at counting, made from solid wood.
    • House shaped sorting box with 8 solid wood cubes and a clock to learn made from solid wood, designed in France
    • Puzzle
    • Storybook by acclaimed children's writer 
    • Cotton Onesie  100% cotton
    • Happy Horse Big plush toy

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