Birthday Gift Baskets With Balloon And Bear

$100.00 CAD

This birthday gift basket includes:

BIRTHDAY BALLOON  - Say Happy Birthday with this fun pop of colour! This balloon will decorate any door step for the birthday boy or girl.

PLUSH BEAR PLUSH - This cute teddy bear will make anyone feel special!

OATMEAL COOKIES - These gourmet cookies are dipped in milk chocolate for a crunchy chocolate bottom. An alternative to the chocolate chip cookie, it's hard not to eat these bite-sized pieces in one sitting.

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS – These chocolate-covered almonds have a unique twist from their coffee-flavour infusion. This treat steps it up a notch to truly celebrate a birthday! 

GODIVA TRUFFLES – These dark chocolate truffles have a lava cake interior, making them the next best thing to birthday cake. Bite-sized chocolate shells envelop a molten interior that tastes just as good as it sounds. 

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - This classic recipe is everyone's favourite. Soft, chewy, and with just the right amount of chocolate chips, go ahead and eat it all.

OLIVE OIL CRACKERS - These elegant crackers are seasoned with olive oil and sea salt, making them the perfect companion to cheese and savoury spreads. 

CARAMEL POPCORN - A perfect pairing of rich caramel atop the fluffy popcorn makes this a sweet and salty tooth's dream. Crunchy yet still melts in your mouth, this is the best birthday treat.

PRETZELS - This salt snack is great for a satisfying a savoury craving. Pour these in a bowl and pass it around at the next birthday party.

What to put in a women's birthday gift basket?

When shopping for her birthday present, take into consideration your relationship with her. Regardless of how close your are, get her something guaranteed she'll like. Balloons, teddy bear, and chocolate are the ultimate trifecta for her sweet birthday surprise. She deserves to be treated!