Fruit and Gourmet Combo

$150.00 CAD

RED DELICIOUS APPLES - The doctors worst enemy... 

BRIE CHEESE - ...and fruits best friend. 

GRANNY SMITH APPLES  - Tart apples perfect for pie!

CRACKERS - Made with sea salt and olive oil.  

ORANGES - Your daily dose of Vitamin C. 

COOKIES - A classic dessert snack made of oatmeal and love. 

PINEAPPLE - Bring the tropics home with this gorgeous fruit. 

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - European chocolates have never tasted so rich! 

PEARS - A fruit that's not too sweet with a high fiber content. 

BANANAS - Everyone bananas for bananas.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - We suggest melting this to drizzle over fruit to make a fast DIY dessert.