Celebration Birthday Balloon Gift Basket

$55.00 CAD

This gift basket includes:

BIRTHDAY BALLOON -This colourful Happy Birthday balloon is the focal point of this gift basket. Festive and fun, this addition makes your gift next level.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE  - Soft and chewy, this chocolate chip cookie is what every birthday boy or girl deserves! Enjoyable at any age, this delectable treat is sweet enough for any birthday festivity! 

OATMEAL COOKIES - These bite-sized cookies are made with real oats for a soft texture that's dipped in a hard layer of chocolate for extra crunch. An elevated classic, these are great for eating on-the-go. 

CHOCOLATE-COVERED ALMONDS - These aren't your ordinary chocolate-covered almonds. Infused with a smooth coffee flavour, this treat has a hint of mocha to add a unique spin to this well-loved classic.

GODIVA CHOCOLATE - Nobody says happy birthday better than Godiva! This Belgian chocolatier uses only the best ingredients to make celebrating a special day extra sweet.

OLIVE OIL CRACKERS These savoury crackers are flavoured with olive oil and sea salt, and baked to a perfect crisp. The perfect way to decorate a party platter, these are a great birthday addition to any table.

CARAMEL POPCORN - This combination of salty and sweet flavours play perfectly with the dual textures to make a multi-dimensional dessert taste like luxury. 

PRETZELS - Pretzels have been a staple at any birthday party for good reason. Perfect for munching on alone or paired with your preferred dip but these in your chip bowl for everyone to enjoy! 

FRENCH TRUFFLES - Give the gift of gourmet with these artisan truffles. Boasting with bold flavour and sprinkled with fine cocoa-powder, this bougie treat is the icing on the (birthday) cake!