Champagne and Bunny

$170.00 CAD

This gift includes:

French Champagne (750 ml) - Treat yourself to a glass of Moet & Chandon Champagne after a rough day at work. 

Plush Bunny - Give this bunny a big hug to wash all your worries and stress away. 

Wrapped in cellophane with a beautiful ribbon tied at the top. The overall presentation will look simple, elegant and luxurious. 
Champagne is the perfect drink for celebrations and festive occasions. 
This is the perfect birthday present for your friends and family. A great last minute gift if you didn't have time to find something yourself. 
It's also a great choice as a thank you gift as well. It is simple, not too much and it definitely gets the message across. If the person you are sending it to has children, their kids will love the bunny. It's soft and silky, the child will love it. 

Make your drink more interesting by adding some fruit slices. Serve the champagne with some salads, meats, seafood, or pasta. The combination of rich and hearty sauces and the acidity from the champagne will be like a party in your mouth.