Chocolates And Candy Birthday Gift Basket

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This birthday gift basket includes:

CLASSIC OREOS - Dunk them in milk or lick the middle first, you do you on your birthday! A box of these classic cookies is the perfect birthday gift for any sweet tooth. 

KITKAT BAR -  Take a break, have a KitKat! Enjoy the chocolate-covered wafer you know and love. 

PRETZELS - Craving something salty? These crunchy pretzels are favourites amongst kids and adults. Feature them at the next birthday party spread.  

FUZZY PEACH - These peach-flavoured gummies are sprinkled with sugar for an sweet and sour sensation.  

SMARTIES CHOCOLATE - This colourful Canadian favourite is great on their own or mixed in a bag of popcorn for a sweet and savoury treat! 

HERSHEY'S BAR - Indulge in the smoothness of Hershey's chocolate on your big day. This creamy bar is loved for it's signature taste, so why stop at a Kiss when you can have a whole bar?

CARAMEL COATED POPCORN - Spudnik's caramel popcorn is for those who can't make up their mind. Now enjoy sweet AND salty with the yummy caramel that coats the fluffy popcorn.

TWIZZLERS - These strawberry twists are fun to eat and to play with! A kid's birthday party staple, adults love them too! 

What makes a good birthday gift baskets for her?

With gift baskets, you can fulfill all the requirements for the perfect kid's and adult's birthday gift. To guarantee a winner, the products inside have to be sure-fire favourites. With our candy gift baskets, we offer a variety of treats (sweet and salty) to satisfy any her cravings she will love! Sticking with familiar flavours and brands promise a happy birthday for your recipient!