Christmas Exquisite Gift

$220.00 CAD

SKU H134

This Christmas Exquisite Gift includes: 

PREMIUM VELVET SUNRISE COFFEE (70g): Smooth, velvety coffee that is sure to have you ditching the drive-throughs in place of this premium blend. Locally roasted in Toronto. 

BAR OF DARK CHOCOLATE: 70% dark chocolate bar, made in Quebec. 

SPRUCEWOOD MAPLE SHORTBREAD: Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co. transforms the classic shortbread with these delicious maple shortbread cookies! 

CHOCOLATE GODIVA TRUFFLES: These famous Godiva truffles are made with Belgian chocolate and filled with a creamy interior. 

HANDMADE COOKIES BY COOKIE IT UP: Exquisite handmade cookies, made locally by Cookie It Up. 

BRIE CHEESE: Famous soft and creamy brie made in Denmark by Castello. Mild aroma. Pair with wine for upscale combination.

ARTISAN CRACKERS: Baguette bite style crackers, lightly seasoned with olive oil and sea salt to perfectly accompany strong tasting, hard cheeses.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS MILK CHOCOLATE BAR: Who doesn't love a delicious piece of creamy milk chocolate? This milk chocolate bar is packaged in a festive package with a seasonal greeting. Made in Quebec.

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS: Gourmet potato chip made in Canada by Hardbite. Made without any preservatives, trans fats or GMOs.

NUTS BY URBAN SNACK: Raw nuts that come packaged in a resealable bag for the perfect on-the-go snack. 

GODIVA CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS: Golden cashews coated in famous Godiva milk chocolate 

SPUDNIKS CARAMEL POPCORN: The ultimate sweet and salty snack. This Spudniks caramel popcorn is famous for a reason!

PRETZELS: Traditional, lightly seasoned pretzels that make a perfect sharing snack at group gatherings like holiday parties or gatherings with friends.

CHEESE BISCUITS: Cheddar biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar. 

FRENCH TRUFFLES: French inspired chocolate truffles. Made in Quebec with soft ganache interior and dusted in fine cocoa powder.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Gourmet bite-sized shortbread cookies, for a traditional holiday taste.

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS: Hardbite potato chips are baked in small batches with simple ingredients to assure quality and taste. 

ARTISAN CRACKERS: The perfect light cracker is hard to find. These sea salt and olive oil crackers are lightly seasoned and expertly baked to accompany any cheese, dip or spread. 

CHEDDAR CHEESE SHORTBREAD: Simple and delicious cheddar cheese shortbread biscuits. Try with a warm cup of tea. 

RATTAN HANDWOVEN BASKET: An exquisite Christmas gift hamper can't come without an exquisite handwoven basket to accompany it. The rattan basket included in this holiday gift basket is sure to be the best-loved part of this gift basket. The rattan basket can be used for a number of household purposes. It's a great piece for a living room to hold blankets, magazines or books. The interwoven rattan is built strong and can withstand a good amount of weight. 

The Christmas Exquisite Gift Basket delivers your holiday message with elegance and good taste. The handwoven rattan basket includes a delightful assortment of sweet and salty treats sourced from gourmet manufacturers in locally, Canada and around the world. It's a fancy way to send your seasons greetings, with quality products and a stunningly arranged gift basket wrapped in cellophane and topped with a custom MyBaskets handmade bow. Gift the gift of elegance with this exquisite holiday gift basket. 

 The Christmas Gift Basket will be delivered wrapped in cellophane and adorned with a hand-tied satin bow, along with a personalized greeting card.