Corporate Champagne Gift

$330.00 CAD

This Corporate Champagne Gift includes:

MOET & CHANDON FRENCH CHAMPAGNE - A bottle of Moet & Chandon Imperial French champagne. It's the perfect champagne to send if you want to amaze your clients. 

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Coated with a generous amount of cocoa powder, these truffles are ideal for Christmas parties. 

HAPPY HOLIDAYS MILK CHOCOLATE- It's festive and it's delicious. The perfect Christmas packaging and treat. 

LINDOR CHOCOLATE BOX (120g)  - A box of assorted chocolates that will melt in your mouth. 

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Buttery, soft and rich. The best combinations in shortbread cookies. 

OLIVE OIL AND SEA SALT CRACKERS - This light snack tastes amazing when you have it with some wine or champagne. 

SPUDNIK POPCORN - A small bag of caramel popcorn to make your day even sweeter. 

MA'S KITCHEN CHOCOLATE BAR - This is probably one of the best chocolate bars you will ever have. Savor it. 

MUSTARD WAFERS - Honey and Mustard wafers is the best combination of savoury and sweet. 

COOKIE IT UP COOKIES - These locally made cookies will have you yearning for more once you're done. 

PRETZELS - The best and safest snack that will please almost everybody at the party. 

MAPLE FLAVORED SHORTBREAD COOKIES - A great treat to try if you're tired of the regular shortbread flavors. 

GOURMET CHIPS - Healthy potato chips with no preservatives, trans fat or GMOs.

CHEDDAR COOKIES- Mouth watering cheese flavored cookies. You will love these. 

HAND WOVEN RATTAN BASKET - The aesthetic appeal of this basket is taken to the next level with the beautiful arrangement inside the stunning hand woven rattan basket included with this gift basket. The basket is the the most eye-catching part of this basket. The rustic appeal adds to the elegance of the overall gift. And best of all, your client, employee, or any other person receiving this basket will be able to reuse this stunning basket in a number of ways at the office or at home!