Gift For Precious Baby Boy

$200.00 CAD

    • The Gift for Baby Boy Gift Basket includes:

      JELLYCAT PLUSH - A cute little plushy for your baby boy to cuddle and sleep with. Its fur is so soft and silky that your little boy will never want to let it go. 

      4 RECEIVING BLANKETS - Your baby boy will love it when you wrap these blankets around him. He will feel so comfortable that he will fall asleep right away. 

      BABY BOOK - Spend time with your baby and read him a fun story. This interactive book will leave your baby smiling all day. 

      5 PC COTTON CLOTHING SET  - A chic clothing set that includes:

      - Easy to slip on and out. These pajamas are highly recommended to all parents that want to put their baby in comfortable clothing.

      BODYSUIT -  Let your active baby move with ease in this comfortable and soft body suit. He will never want to get out of it. 

      BIB - A cute matching bib to keep your baby clean and spotless.

      MITTENS- With these gloves you won't have to worry about your babies hands getting cold. This will make sure to keep them nice and cozy. 

      HAT  - A matching hat to complete the whole outfit and keep the head warm.

      3 PIECE COTTON KNIT OUTFIT - A warm knit outfit that includes:

      - Perfect to wear during a chilly day. Keep your babies legs warm with these soft and comfortable pants.

      KNIT HAT
      - Get through a chilly day with this warm knit hat. Not only does it keep your baby cozy, it also completes the whole outfit. 

      - Your baby boy will standout for sure when he puts this cardigan on. No one will be able to keep their eyes away. 

    • New parents and parents-to-be will be charmed by the adorable Gift for Baby Boy. This stylish baby container is filled with practical, high quality baby items they are sure to appreciate. Baby will enjoy the soothing bath powder, and then parents can wrap him in a soft, absorbent towel and dress him in 100% cotton clothes.This bright bucket overflows with treasures for baby boy.