Happy Birthday

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This birthday gift basket includes:

FESTIVE BALLOON - This colourful balloon screams Happy Birthday, even if you can't be there. This addition adorns this gift as its bright focal point. 

CARAMEL POPCORN - This sweet and salty snack is a treat for all flavour palettes. This is the perfect way to add a birthday twist to a classic recipe. 

GODIVA TRUFFLES - These Godiva hits are the right way to celebrate anyone's birthday. People of any age can appreciate the sweet decadence of these premium truffles. 

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - This gourmet chocolate bar is handcrafted from Canadian ingredients to make a luxurious birthday treat. Share with friends on your special day, but we suggest you keep it for yourself!

FRENCH TRUFFLES - Elegantly rich in taste and texture, these bold truffles are sprinkled with a delicate layer of cocoa-powder to send your senses soaring.

OLIVE OIL CRACKERS - These artisan crackers go great on any birthday party spread. Dip them in hummus or layer them with tapenade for a delicious savoury snack. 

OATMEAL COOKIES  - These oatmeal cookies are bite-sized pieces of a familiar recipe. Dipped in a layer of chocolate, they're almost better than grandma's! Give the gift of delicious taste with these gourmet bite size chocolate cookies. This birthday gift is great for enjoying on-the-go.

PRETZELS - Put these in the chip bowl at your birthday party and watch them quickly disappear as everyone will enjoy this salty snack.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - No birthday is complete without a soft and chewy chocolate chip cookie, it's even better than birthday cake! 

What makes a good birthday present?

The best birthday gifts are the ones that include a variety of things. Our birthday gift baskets feature a compilation of flavours and treats that will satisfy and craving or palette preference. Birthday celebrations require the best and most popular favourites to make someone feel extra special on their extra special day.