Happy Mothers Day Gift Basket

Gift the gift of luxury this Mother’s Day with this thoughtful selection of treats and luxuries sure to please. She’ll be pampered with delicious and good-for-her products from premium companies.

GOURMET TEA – Delicious, refreshing Moroccan mint tea. Mint tea is a staple in Middle Eastern countries as well as throughout Europe, long thought to benefit the digestive system. Either way, it’s a lovely way to enjoy both the taste and the aroma of calming mint.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES – Creamy, melt in your mouth classic truffles made in France. Made with super smooth chocolate ganache dusted with cocoa powder. An exquisite treat sure to bring Mom a feeling of luxury.

FINE FRENCH SOAP BAR – A skin pampering bar of soap made by Rue de Marli of Paris. The company specializes in crafting premium products using fresh, natural herbs and aromas. The soap is one of their signature products.

SCENTED CANDLE – Let the calming and rejuvenating aroma of natural herbs infuse your home. An herbal candle by Rue de Marli of Paris. Made using the craft of the traditional herbalist.

GIFT BOX – The gift basket comes in a stylish real wooden box with a white distressed finish. It is reusable and perfect for keys or other small household items.

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