Healthy Care Package

$85.00 CAD

When you want to send healthy gift basket full of healthy treats this is a great choice. Deliver a wealth of great goodies made from real food, packed in this captivating basket.

This Healthy Care Package includes:

MADE GOOD GLUTEN FREE CRISPY SQUARES - Crispy rice and sweet vanilla - and six vegetables? You'll taste the first two, and benefit from the last six in these delicious crispy square snacks by MadeGood. They'll give you the equivalent of one serving of vegetables in a gluten-free, organic, and all-natural snack sensation.

ITALIAN CRACKERS - Simple, slightly salty and peta deep-fried style. Bet you cannot eat only one. 

PATIENCE DRIED CRANBERRIES - Whole dried cranberries that are plump and juicy, sweetened with all-natural apple juice. The secret is that they are steeped in apple juice before they are dried. All you get is a delicious fruit snack with wholesome goodness.

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR -  This dark chocolate bar gives you a rich chocolate experience and a smooth finish. Crafted with 70% dark chocolate, it is the ultimate chocolate lover's bar. 

WELLNESS TEA - 12 Servings of Herbal, Caffeine Free Wellness Tea. Loose leaf and ready to be enjoyed any time of the day. 

ROASTED PEA POPS - Roasted-never fried-green pea pops for a crunchy delicious snack. A healthy alternative to chips and other snacks that are low in nutrition. Pea Pops are low in fat, gluten-free, vegan, and non-GMO. Made and grown in Canada.

ARTISANAL KETTLE CHIPS - Sweet potato chips, kettle cooked to a satisfying crunch, and lightly salted. Made with all-natural ingredients to preserve the taste of the sweet potatoes. Non-GMO, gluten-free, and made without artificial flavours or preservatives.

PRETZELS - When that nagging salty craving hits, these traditional twisted pretzels are the perfect snack to cut that craving. Great for sharing or pairing with cheeses and dips.

The gift basket comes perfectly wrapped in cellophane with a customized gift card and hand-tied bow. 

For today's healthier lifestyles, here's one of our popular healthy gift baskets, packed with upscale treats made from the best of ingredients by makers who care about what you eat. We've specially picked out an assortment of treats for our gluten-free baskets, made with organic and other natural ingredients that satisfy snack cravings the healthy way.