Holiday Candy Cane Christmas Gift Basket

A festive plaid basket and the finest domestic and imported treats create a message of goodwill that is sure to be felt by your chosen recipient. It’s elegant enough for corporate and business clients, and contains an assortment of sweet and savoury goodies sure to please even the most demanding of tastes. Candy Cane holiday gift basket, in season colours, will make them smile. Send to them season greetings with this Christmas gift basket, which comes with so many irresistible holiday sweet treats.

Basket includes:

CRISPY SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Handmade traditional shortbread cookies baked to a crispy finish. A buttery taste and melt in your mouth finish, perfect for coffee or adding to a fresh fruit tray for dessert. Made with natural ingredients, including real butter.

OLD FASHIONED CANDIES – Hard candies made according to a traditional recipe since 1927 by Gilliams. Crafted with care using natural flavours, and contains no corn syrup. Old fashioned goodness with a fruity flavour pop.

GOURMET HOT CHOCOLATE – Make creamy, rich hot chocolate with this gourmet mix from Saxon, an award winning Canadian chocolate company. Made with real cocoa and other high quality ingredients for a decadent and deep chocolate-y flavour. Just add hot water or milk for a luxurious escape from the winter weather.

CHOCOLATE ENROBED PRETZELS – Bite-sized crispy pretzels with a creamy chocolate coating. The pretzels are baked to a crunchy finish and then lightly salted for a tasty contrast of flavours and textures. A gourmet treat to be shared with those close to you at home or at work.

SWISS CHOCOLATE BAR – A chunky milk chocolate bar with nuts, made by Heidi, a Swiss chocolate maker. The bar contains whole hazelnuts, caramelized to a sweet finish and then mixed with lush, thick chocolate. It adds a luxe touch to any sweet tray.

CREAMY SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Handcrafted white chocolate shortbread cookies with cranberries – a luscious combination of sweet and tangy flavours. Made with all natural ingredients and baked in small batches to ensure the finest quality and perfectly creamy finish. A gourmet cookie with genuine homemade taste.

ARTISAN POTATO CHIPS – Elevate your snacking repertoire with gourmet, artisan style chips made form the finest BC potatoes. Crafted in small batches, using all natural ingredients and seasonings. No artificial flavours or preservatives, no GMOs, cholesterol, or trans fats.

Basket comes with hand made bow, and custom made greeting card.

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