Kosher Basket

$110.00 CAD

This Kosher Gift Basket includes:

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR – Made with top quality ingredients, this artisanal chocolate is perfect for any chocolate lover.

CRACKERS -These light and crunchy crackers are made with olive oil and seal salt flavours. They are an excellent addition to any cheese platter, or they are absolutely delicious to have on their own as well.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES – French truffles dusted in cocoa powder for a smooth and creamy treat.

SHORTBREAD COOKIES Crafted using the finest and best natural ingredients, these shortbread cookies from Cookie It Up have an airy texture with a buttery flavour that your taste-buds will absolutely adore.

DRIED CRANBERRIES – A healthy snack that is sweet and non GMO. Dried cranberries are the perfect sweetness and are made with apple juice.

POPCORN – The ultimate sweet and salty treat made by Spudnik.

DARK CHOCOLATE – 72% dark chocolate with cacao, delicious for a sweet taste.

COOKIES – Handmade cookies with salted caramel flavours that are locally made in Ontario. With a thin and crunchy layer, and a hint of sea salt, these cookies are irresistible.

CHIPS – Kettle chips with the perfect crunch for all potato chip lovers.


BASKET – A beautiful woven gift basket that ties the gift together in an excellent presentation.

This Kosher gift basket includes only the finest selection of delicious Kosher treats, sweets and other goodies. This Kosher gift basket will be an absolute amazing addition to any upcoming celebration with friends, family, colleagues or clients. The candy, chocolate, and other gourmet snacks, accompanied by a beautiful presentation in a traditional gift basket, are sure to leave your guests impressed!