Little Bunny for Baby Boy

$130.00 CAD

    • This Little Bunny for Baby Boy Gift Box includes:

      JELLYCAT BUNNY PLUSH - This top-selling Jellycat bunny plush is made with the softest material babies want to cuddle with. Our most-coveted baby gift baskets contain an adorable Jellycat toy.
      SWADDLE BLANKET- This breathable blankie is made from a light cotton material to ensure your babies comfort! Our gift baskets for baby boys include soothing additions to help parents alleviate their babies.
      SHORT-SLEEVE ONESIE- This short-sleeve onesie is great layering piece in our new baby boy gift baskets. Comfortable enough to nap in, this is a trendy and practical piece to have. 
      BEANIE- This matching beanie elevates these onesies to the next level. Perfect for when it's chilly outside or the AC is too strong. 
      BOO BAMBOO LOTION- This Canadian brand uses clean, non-toxic ingredients and is free of harmful chemicals to guarantee your baby is getting the best of the best. 
      BOOK BY CAROLINE JANE CHURCH- This illustrated book is perfect for story time before bed. Babies will enjoy this all the way through their toddler years.  

      BASKET- This basket has two functions: stylish decor and ample storage! 
    • This bundle of bodysuits and plush bunny is a stylish way to prepare mom for the arrival of her baby boy.  With short and long sleeve options, along with the matching hat are ideal for protecting babies form mild to cold weather. None of our baby boy gift sets are complete without adding a plush to it, so our super-soft Jellycat jumped in the box and made it an adorable gift package.