Luck Of The Irish

$56.00 USD

This gift basket includes:

2 Premium Beers - Heineken and Corona. Enjoy the part with these amazing beers.

Chocolate Covered Almonds - Better than your regular chocolates. The crunchy texture from the almonds and the cappuccino flavoured chocolates will taste like morning brewed coffee. 

Crackers - Olive oil and sea salt crackers that will taste great with some cheese. 

Pretzels - The best snack to share amongst your friends. A crowd favorite and the go to snack to much on at a party. 

Potato Chips - Gourmet chips made with all natural seasonings, no preservatives, GMOs or artificial flavours. A healthier option to snack on. 

Caramel Popcorn - Sweet and crunchy. Munch on these when you want a treat.

Pistachio Nuts - These pistachios contain many essential nutrients that makes it a great and healthy snack to eat.