Luxury Sympathy Gift Basket

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This Luxury Sympathy Gift Basket includes:

STUNNING TWO-TONE RATTAN BASKET: The best-loved part of this sympathy gift basket is the luxury rattan handwoven basket that ties the basket together and holds its contents. The basket is expertly made to have a stunning look and is strong, built to withstand a good amount of weight. It's two-tone design gives some modern appeal to the otherwise vintage-inspired basket. It's a classic piece to have around the home. And when your recipient is not using the basket, it makes for a stunning piece to keep in a room in the home like the living room or laundry room. The basket's grandeur will absolutely impress your recipient. 

CASTELLO BRIE: Danish made brie cheese with a soft, creamy texture and mild aroma. 

TOAST FOR CHEESE ENGLISH CRACKERS: Made with pumpkin seeds, hazelnut and dates for a nutty and sweet accompaniment to cheeses and dips. 

MAPLE GLAZED SMOKED SALMON: Wild Canadian smoked salmon, with a hint of maple to taste. 

THE FINE CHEESE CO WALNUT AND HONEY CRACKERS: These twice-baked crackers are light with subtle taste of walnut and honey.

SPANISH OLIVES: Spanish olives from Andalusia, Spain, made with authentic quality taste. 

PURETEA (70g): Loose leaf tea made by Puretea. Natural taste with natural and simple ingredients. 

VELVET SUNRISE PREMIUM COFFEE (400g): This premium coffee is blended and roasted locally for unbelievable taste and texture in each cup. 

HANDMADE COOKIES BY COOKIE IT UP: These gourmet cookies taste homemade! Locally made in Aurora, Ontario by Cookie It Up. 

AMAZING MA'S KITCHEN ARTISAN CHOCOLATE: This artisan-style chocolate by Ma's Kitchen will become your new best-loved comfort food. 

HAZLNUT WAFERS BY FEINY: To accompany a warm cup of tea or coffee, Italian Feiny wafers with hazelnut cream are the way to go.

POTATO CHIPS BY HARDBITE: Gourmet potato chips by Hardbite that are made with no preservatives or trans fat, making them great to share with guests or friends.

MASTERPIECE GODIVA TRUFFLES: There's a reason these truffles are part of the Masterpiece collection. Creamy Godiva chocolate encapsulates decadent filling. 

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR: Rich and luxurious dark chocolate bar. Made in Quebec. 

SHORTBREAD COOKIES WITH MAPLE: These handmade maple shortbread cookies are made in Canada by Sprucewood Handmade Cookie Co.

ASSORTED LINDOR CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: A large box of Lindor Swiss chocolate truffles which includes milk, dark and white chocolate truffles. 

DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS BY GODIVA: An elegant spin on the classic chocolate almond. Made with luxurious Godiva dark chocolate. 

TWISTED PRETZELS: Mini seasoned twisted pretzels. They're loved by everyone, making them the perfect snack to share with friends and necessary within a deepest sympathy gift basket. 

VERDUIJN'S HONEY MUSTARD CRACKERS: Dutch crackers made with aged gouda, honey and mustard. 

SPUDNIKS CARAMEL POPCORN: Sweet and salty, it's the perfect combination. Spudniks masters the sweet and salty combo with their caramel popcorn.

MILK CHOCOLATE COVERED CASHEWS BY GODIVA: Golden cashews embraced by unbelievable Godiva milk chocolate. 

FRENCH CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: What do you put in a sympathy basket? Lots of chocolate, of course. These French-inspired chocolate truffles are sure to cheer up anyone. 

URBAN SNACK NUTS: For long days, these nuts by Urban Snack are a great energy-boosting snack you can take with you on-the-go.

CHEDDAR BISCUITS: These shortbread biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar are perfect to enjoy with a soothing cup of tea. 

GOURMET SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Gourmet shortbread that taste homemade! Buttery, sweet and soft. 

OLIVE OIL AND SEA SALT CRACKERS: For a light and airy snack to add to an appetizer spread or charcuterie, these crackers are made with sea salt and olive oil. 

BAR OF MILK CHOCOLATE: A nice-sized bar of traditional and simple milk chocolate. Made in Canada.


SPRUCEWOOD SHORTBREAD COOKIES: Shortbread cookies are delicious, but shortbread with maple is even better! 

What kind of basket do you send for sympathy?

Luxury Sympathy Gift Basket is a premium option when deciding what kind of basket to send for sympathy. The luxury basket from the sympathy collection includes a wide array of tastes, including sweet and savoury, from premium chocolate and sweets to gourmet food items. Some items included are Godiva Masterpiece chocolate truffles and local artisan-made chocolate Ma's Kitchen, and on the savoury side, wild maple-glazed smoked salmon and Dutch Castello brie cheese. This luxury basket is an option that includes a taste for every person with every taste, which makes it ideal for sending during a time of bereavement. With the stresses of planning and just the overall process of grieving a loss, this basket will keep your recipient comforted, and fed, during a stressful time. Not only is the basket useful to them, it will give them comfort through delicious, gourmet food items. Rather than sending typical sympathy flowers that will not last them very long, a luxury sympathy gift basket is a much more practical and kindhearted sentiment to send. 


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