Man's Spa Gift Basket

$160.00 CAD

    • Lyon Private Collection Spa Gift Basket Includes:

      Body Lotion - One bottle of Pré de Provence No. 63 Aromatic Men's Lotion. This body lotion smells great and absorb fast without any greasy feeling (240 ml)
      Hair and Body Wash - One bottle of Pré de Provence No. 63 spicy and aromatic Men’s hair and body wash. This two-in-one hair and body wash leaves skin and hair hydrated and healthy looking (240 ml)
      Bath Salts – One bottle of Pre-de Provence natural, restorative Mediterranean Sea salts with pure lavender essential oil. (500 gr)
      Soap - One bar of premium quality Pré de Provence rich and creamy soap (110 g)
      Candle - From the pureliving collection of No. 59 Rue de Marli Paris this candle made from 100% natural pure Soy wax and pure essential oils of Lemon, sweet Orange and Sicilian Mandarin. Slow burning and longlisting (20 hrs)
      Scrub Stone - The abrasive quality of this scrub stone is perfect to smooth heels, and to remove tough area of the feet, toes, hands, elbows and knees.
      Nail Brush – This classic looking nail brush is perfect to clean nails and exfoliate overgrown cuticles.
      Bath Sponge - One high quality bath sponge
      Wooden Box- Beautiful light green wooden tray with rope handles
      Presentation - Gift set are presented in cellophane, greeting card and hand tied stylish bow.

    • Indulge yourself in pure luxury made from all natural Bath and Body products Pre de Provence, Made in France.Private Collection of specialy crafted fragrances, it is Pre de Provance flagshipp soap collection. Pamper all men around you by this fabulous looking men’s spa gift basket showcasing two popular Parisian brands No. 59 Rue de Marli Paris and Paris Pré de Provence. Men usually do not shop very special brand hair and body care for themselves so treat them with this basket that includes essential items to help them renew their body. You will be helping them to take care of their body from head to toe.