Metropolitan Savoury

$490.00 CAD

This Metropolitan savoury gift basket includes:

RATTAN WICKER BASKET: This handwoven, craft rattan basket is two-tone in pecan and white is a stunning wicker basket that can be repurposed to fit any need in the home. It's generous size and depth makes for a great linen or laundry basket, or it can be placed in a living room as an accent piece to hold books or magazines, or any other household items. Made strong with the interlaced design, it can withstand a good amount of weight and is great for moving or carrying items around a space. It's stylish and elegant and sure to impress your recipient! 

TRUFFLE BOX BY LINDOR (195g): Swiss luxury Lindor truffles. An assortment of truffles for every taste and preference. Delectable, smooth famous Lindor chocolate. 

FIG PEAR AND ORANGE FRUIT COMPOTE: This jam-like compote is a sweet accompaniment to a selection of cheeses, including hard cheeses like Parmigiana or try with creamy brie. 

CASTELLO CAMEMBERT CHEESE: This creamy cheese is similar to brie but has is more rustic with and earthier texture. Made by Castello in Denmark. 

ENGLISH TOAST FOR CHEESE: Made with pumpkin seeds, hazelnuts and dates, these delicious English-style crackers are expertly made to pair with cheese with a nutty and sweet texture and taste combination. 

SPANISH OLIVES: For an authentic European taste, these olives from Andalusia, Spain are the perfect treat to elevate your appetizer platter. 

CHUNKY OLIVE SPREAD: Made in Southern England by Olive Branch, this olive tapenade offers the taste of Greece with this spread that packs a punch of flavour. 

WILDLY DELICIOUS GARLIC OLIVE OIL: Locally made by Wildly Delicious, this premium olive oil with a hint of roasted garlic is great for cooking to take your dishes to the next level, or try mixing with other ingredients for a delectable salad dressing.

MAPLE GLAZED WILD SMOKED SALMON: Wild Canadian salmon that is smoked to perfection and enriched with genuine maple taste. A product of Canada.

HARDBITE ALL NATURAL POTATO CHIPS: If your guilty pleasure snack is a salty bag of potato chips, these all-natural chips will be your new choice brand free of any guilt! Made in British Columbia with no preservatives or GMOs. 

ARTISAN CHOCOLATE BY MA'S KITCHEN: You won't ever crave a big chain chocolate bar after trying Ma's Kitchen. It's delicious and rich taste is sure to top your sweets list with no question! 

DUTCH WAFERS BY VERDUIJN: Traditional Dutch wafers that are made with mustard and honey for a sweet contrast to the salty aged Gouda cheese ingredient that makes for a sophisticated eating experience when paired with other food items like dips or cheese.

VELVET SUNRISE 400g BAG OF COFFEE: This locally roasted coffee is the top choice brand of coffee shops in Toronto. Known for their dedication to ensuring the perfect cup of coffee every time.

ITALIAN FEINY HAZELNUT WAFERS: A product of Italy, these crunchy wafers are layered with creamy hazelnut filling and compliment strong espresso or coffee aromas. 

CHOCOLATE GODIVA CHOCOLATES: Expertly made chocolate truffles, made with famous Belgian Godiva chocolate with a smooth filling for a truffle experience like no other. 

OLIVE OIL, HONEY AND WALNUT CRACKERS: Made by the Fine Cheese Co., these crispy crackers are sure to elevate any appetizer spread. With simple taste, these crackers pair well with any salty or savoury foods like cheeses, olives, wine, etc. 

PICKLED COCKTAIL GHERKINS: Bite-sized gherkins that are great for serving as an appetizer. Distilled in malt vinegar for an extra punch of taste.  

CREAMY BRIE: Delicious Castello brie. Mild strength that pairs well with fresh bread or crispy bread snacks.

ARTISAN CRACKERS: These light crackers pair perfectly with an assortment of cheeses, dips or spreads. Seasoned with olive oil and sea salt.

LOOSE LEAF PURETEA: The delicious aromas of this loose leaf tea by Puretea is sure to kick your morning off right. 

SPRUCEWOOD MAPLE COOKIES: Locally made in Ontario, Sprucewood is known for delicious shortbread made from scratch with all natural ingredients. No hydrogenated or tropical oils or trans fat.

CHOCOLATE ALMONDS BY GODIVA: Chocolate covered almonds are a classic sweet and salty snack, but these dark chocolate almond by Godiva are a luxurious upgrade to the classic treat. 

COOKIES BY COOKIE IT UP: Locally made in Aurora, Ontario, Cookie It Up cookies taste like home with all natural ingredients! You will enjoy every last bite! 

SPUDNIKS CARAMEL CORN: Sweet, salty, delicious! Spudniks famous caramel popcorn is sure to satisfy your sweet and salty craving with every last pop! 

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES BY SORINI: An Italian spin on the chocolate truffle, these decadent treats are filled with cappuccino cream for a sophisticated taste.

DARK CHOCOLATE: Made in Quebec with 70% cacao, this rich dark chocolate will leave a lasting impression on your taste buds! 

POTATO CHIPS BY HARDBITE: Artisan style potato chips that are baked in small batches with only the finest ingredients. 

CHEDDAR SHORTBREAD BISCUITS: A salty spin on a classic cookie, these cheddar cheese shortbread biscuits are made with real Canadian cheddar cheese. 

SEASONED PRETZELS: The perfect sharing snack! Try serving with an array of spreads or dips, or dip in chocolate for a quick and easy sweet and salty snack!

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES: French inspired decadent chocolate truffles, dusted in fine cocoa powder. A luxurious chocolate treat made in Quebec.

GOURMET COOKIES: Bite-sized shortbread cookies that make a great on-the-go tasty snack to satisfy your sweet tooth.

BAR OF MILK CHOCOLATE: Gourmet milk chocolate. The perfect size for sharing, but you'll want to save the sweet and creamy taste all for yourself!

This luxurious Metropolitan Savoury basket is the ultimate lavish gift basket that includes an assortment of gourmet food products that have been handpicked to please every taste and palette. For the sweet cravings, choose from an assortment of artisan chocolates from world-famous Lindor and Godiva, to locally made Ma's Kitchen handcrafted chocolate. For a savoury treat, this basket includes maple-glazed smoked salmon, creamy Danish Brie, olive tapenade and an assortment of artisan bread snacks including The Fine Cheese Co. and Verduijn's craft wafers. This basket is an absolute show stopper and is sure to impress even those with the most refined taste. 




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