Most Popular Chocolate Basket

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This chocolate gift basket includes:

M&M's - The colourful and  crunchy candy shell of M&M's coats the creamy milk chocolate pieces for a perfect bite each time. It's the perfect birthday treat for snacking on. 

KITKAT BAR – Take a break on your birthday with a piece of a KitKat bar. The smooth outer layer of chocolate drapes over their delicious wafer interior perfectly.  

SMARTIES CHOCOLATES -  These "Canadian M&M's" have their own signature taste that is enjoyed nation-wide. The two options will satisfy either (or both!) preferences. 

HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE BAR – It started with a kiss and grew into a bar, this is the birthday present for any age.

MAYNARD'S WINE GUMS – With an array of colours and flavours, these tangy wine gums are bursting with flavour in each handful. Any age can enjoy their celebrate brithday festivities with these wine gums - not just for adults! 

POTATO CHIPS – Potato chips are one of those snacks that you can finish before you even realize. These handcrafted chips are made with only a few simple ingredients and are free from artificial colours and flavours, you can taste the quality. 

OREO COOKIES – It's your birthday, eat it whichever you want. Dunk them in milk, lick the middle, or stack them for a big bite, we don't judge! 

TWIZZLERS CANDY – These fun strawberry twists are the perfect quirky dessert for kids and adults. With the chewy flavour you know and love, you can even pretend to be a walrus with them.

What do you put in a birthday gift basket?

When you're running out of birthday gift ideas, it's always best to revisit the classics! Our gift baskets incorporate the sweets you were raised on to make any birthday feel extra-special and nostalgic. Enjoy the sugar rush on your special day with a variety of chocolate and fruit flavours!