My Happy Bear Blue

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This gift basket is perfect for celebrating a baby boy's first step, birthday, Christmas, etc.! This basket includes:

A soft, teddy bear plush

An interactive story book

A cozy blanket

An adorable onesie

What is the best baby toy?

The best baby toys are always one that are multi-purpose. Because they are at an age that is still developing and the most influential, you want to get something that is both entertaining and educating. The interactive story book found in this basket will help them develop reading patterns and understand the senses of sight, touch, and sound. This can help with developing their ability to talk and converse as they get even older. 

What do I buy for a baby shower?

When shopping for a baby shower, it is important to note what the parents would appreciate. Consider what they might need or prefer to surround your child with. Don't worry about getting the latest thing, but prioritize what is best for their baby to have as they grow up. Babies use a lot of product, whether that be diapers, food, milk, the list goes on. This basket includes a onesie, which they can't have enough of. Now parents can have another one on hand in case of an emergency. Ever been in a situation with a baby and wished you had a toy to distract them. Parents can keep this teddy bear in the car or crib so they don't waste time looking for something to entertain with.