Popular Chocolates And Candies

$100.00 CAD

Bright and colourful, this gift basket set sends an upbeat message of warm wishes for any occasion. Filled with popular treats, it’s sure to appeal to family or friends, young and old.

 Popular chocolates and candies gift basket includes:

TWIZZLERS LICORICE – Twizzlers soft red licorice sticks with a fun, chewy texture. Legend has it that Neil Armstrong, during his famous moon landing of 1969, said, "I could go for some Twizzlers right now." A favourite treat for over a century.

OREOS – The perfect combination of smooth vanilla cream and crunchy chocolate cookie. A delicious treat with a satisfying crispy finish. A favourite of all ages the world over.

KITKAT (2PK) – Everyone loves the combination of crispy layered wafers and melt in your mouth milk chocolate coating in KitKats. Made with all-natural flavours for a luscious taste. The cocoa that comes from Nestlé's Cocoa Plan, an ongoing project to improve cocoa farmers' lives as it improves the cocoa itself.

M&Ms CANDIES – A delightful combination of candy crunch and smooth milk chocolate. Tastes and textures come together in a sweetly satisfying treat. Ideal for sharing with family, friends, or co-workers.

CHOCOLATE NUT BAR – Crafted by Hershey's, making milk chocolate since 1900. A smooth milk chocolate bar with almonds. The perfect balance of chocolate and crunch.

AERO CHOCOLATE BAR– An ultra smooth milk chocolate experience from Nestlé. People of all ages have been enjoying this uniquely bubbly chocolate bar since 1935. A rich chocolate taste and light texture make it an irresistible treat.

GUMMY BEARS – Classic gummy bears made by Haribo of Germany. A chewy treat with a tart fruity flavour. A favourite candy since it was first introduced in 1922.

KETTLE CHIPS – Kettle chips made with the finest potatoes from the Fraser Valley, British Columbia. Natural seasonings and flavours come together in a satisfying crunch. A gourmet snack you can feel good about eating.

SMARTIES – Bright, crispy candy outside and smooth chocolate inside. It's one of the world's favourite candy treats. Smarties from the Toronto chocolate factory are made with certified 100% sustainable cocoa.

WINE GUMS – Maynard's wine gums, a traditional favourite since 1909. A selection of five different shapes and bold fruity flavours. Contains no wine.

BASKET – This gift set comes in a stylish woven fabric basket for an eye catching presentation. Perfect for regifting or reusing to hold small household items.