Premium 2 Wines Metropolitan Gift

$490.00 CAD

This Premium 2 Wines Metropolitan luxury wine gift basket includes: 

HANDWOVEN RATTAN BASKET - This elegant 2 wines gift basket is featured in a stunning rattan basket . With an eye-catching two-tone design, this gorgeous basket adds an extra level of style and elegance to this premium gift. Anyone who receives this stunning gift is sure to absolutely adore it. Delicate cellophane wrapping and charming satin bows add the final touch to this luxurious gift.  

MONDAVI PREMIUM CABERNET SAUVIGNON RED WINE - An extra-dry Cabernet wine from Robert Mondavi. Smooth with tastes of smoky oak and fig. Layered hints of dark chocolate and jammy fruit. Fruity with notes of chocolate on the finish. 

MONDAVI CHARDONNAY WHITE WINE - Refreshing with a bouquet of fig and floral notes. Toasted oak, nuts and vanilla on the palate. Medium-bodied, this light and crisp white wine offers a fine balance of fruity and oaky tastes with a long spicy finish.

HARDBITE POTATO CHIPS x2- Classic potato chips Made in Surrey, British Columbia with all natural and simple ingredients. Crunchy and addicting, salted to perfection. These potato chips will be your new favourite snack.

COCOA TRUFFLES - Soft chocolate coated in fine cocoa powder. Pair excellent with red wine for a luxe treat. 

CASTELLO BRIE CHEESE - Danish brie cheese that is great for sharing at a wine and cheese night.

THE FINE CHEESE CO. CRACKERS - English crackers made with walnut, honey and extra virgin olive oil. Pairs perfect with cheese. 

SPANISH OLIVES - For a taste of Europe, these spectacular Spanish olives are perfect for a wine and cheese night. 

TOAST FOR CHEESE - For a nutty and sweet accompaniment to a range of cheeses, these crackers are made with hazelnuts, pumpkin seeds and dates. 

MAPLE SMOKED SALMON - Wild pacific pink salmon, lightly smoked and salted with a note of sweet maple syrup. 

VERDUIJN'S MUSTARD WAFERS - Artisan wafers made with aged Gouda and mustard and honey to taste. 

ESTA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Chocolate truffle balls filled with creamy filling. Individually wrapped flavours include milk, dark and caramel. 

VELVET SUNRISE PREMIUM COFFEE (400g) - Locally roasted coffee beans made from premium quality beans. 

FEINY BISCUITS - Italian-style wafers made with crunchy wafers filled with creamy hazelnut filling. 

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES - A Canadian spin on a classic cookie, Sprucewood maple shortbread cookies are the perfect blend of buttery and sweet.  

PREMIUM LOOSE LEAF TEA - Simple and aromatic loose leaf tea. 

CHEDDAR CHEESE BISCUITS - A spin on the shortbread biscuit you didn't know you needed. Made with real Canadian cheddar. 

LINDOR BOX OF CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Golden box of assorted Lindor truffles. Includes milk, dark and white chocolate truffles.

NUTS - A convenient snack for on-the-go, for the busiest days when you need an energy boost! 

MA'S KITCHEN ARTISAN CHOCOLATE - Locally crafted chocolate bars with a mouthwatering taste you won't be able to top. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS x2 - Milk chocolate covers crunchy almonds for a sweet and salty snack. 

SPUDNIKS CARAMEL POPCORN - Spudniks caramel popcorn is the perfect balance of sweet and salty! 

PRETZELS - Bite-sized salted crunchy pretzels that pair well with dips or even melted chocolate!

COOKIE IT UP HANDMADE COOKIES - Delectable homemade-style cookies. Made locally in Aurora, Ontario. 

GOURMET POTATO CHIPS - Using potatoes from British Columbia, these gourmet potato chips take the guilt away from your guilty pleasure snack. 

GOURMET SHORTBREAD - Classic shortbread cookies. Try warmed for even better taste. 

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - There's nothing more luxurious than fine dark chocolate. Made with 70% dark chocolate. 

MAPLE SHORTBREAD COOKIES - A Canadian spin on a classic cookie - maple shortbread! 

ARTISAN CRACKERS- Crunchy baked crackers infused with olive oil and sea salt for a light and airy taste. 

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - A delicious bar of pure milk chocolate, made locally in Quebec. 

Enjoy the best wine and cheese gift baskets online at Simontea. Featuring two luxury wines and an assortment of fine cheese, crackers and artisan snacks, this fine wine gift basket is the best way to delight wine lovers. Our prompt gift basket delivery makes it easy to have wine gifts delivered to their door.

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