Premium Little Bunny for Baby Boy

$165.00 CAD

    • The Premium Little Bunny for Baby Boy gift basket includes:

      JELLYCAT PLUSH - This iconic Jellycat bunny plush is made with the love and quality they are praised for. With the floppiest ears and softest furry feel, your little guy will carry this around everywhere he goes.
      3-PIECE KNIT OUTFIT- This luxuriously chic white chunky knit outfit comes with a cardigan, pants, and hat for a complete coordinating look. Your baby will be the most fashionable one without even trying.
      LULUJO SWADDLING BLANKET - This beautifully knit blue blanket is both delicate and durable to keep your baby soothed and comfortable. 
      SHORT SLEEVE ONESIE- This onesie is made with 100% breathable cotton and is perfect to wear under his new knit outfit or alone during the transitional seasons. 
      STORY BOOK- Stimulate your baby's senses with this colourful story book before bed time. 
      BASKET- This modern and simple white basket is perfect for storing your baby's necessities while keeping his room tidy. Matches with everything! 

    • Bunny plush is easy to grip by babies and light to carry. The matching best selling book tells a story that sparks their curiosity. Soothe your baby into sleep or entertain him during story time. This fashionable 3-piece knit is the perfect party outfit and great for spring and fall!