Premium St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket

$150.00 CAD

The Premium St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket includes:

GUINNESS BEER x3-  3 Can's of (440mL) An Irish dry stout beer brewed in the brewery of Arthur Guinness in the capital city of Dublin-Ireland. Jet black color with an excellent retention and creamy head. 

HARDBITE CHIPS –  Cooked in a small batch to craft carefully potatoes chips. Made with finest ingredients combined with inventive natural seasoning for a better taste. Completely GMO Free to savour every member of the family and friends. Trans fat, gluten and cholesterol. 150 g

GREEN OLIVES- Made in Greece and soaked in herbs, these olives are simple and tasty.

CARAMEL POPCORN–   An amazing combination of creamy bubbly corn and caramel. A sweet snack that serves as a perfect addition on guest tables at parties. So crunchy that can be easily chewed and enjoy.

CHEDDAR BISCUITS -  Made with only the finest ingredients. Locally made in Ontario, pair these cheesy snacks with some wine. 

WATER CRACKERS -  Crackers, light and airy for a simple yet fulfilling flavour. A wonderful match for cheese, beer and more.

ESTA CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES -  Individually wrapped chocolate balls. A crunchy outer shell with a silky milk, dark or caramel filling.

PRETZELS - Salty favorites amongst crowds. No matter what party you go to, pretzels are always present. 

PRIME BITES - Dried peperoni bites, perfect for snacking on and sharing with a nice cold beer. Made with a few simple ingredients these dried pepperoni bites are also made with no additives, perservatives, and Gluten free. 

GREEN SICILY OLIVES- The perfect spicy snack to pair with this savoury basket.