Secretary Day Gift

$50.00 CAD

Let your administrative staff know how much their hard work is appreciated with this attractive gift basket selection. An elegant gift basket and an assortment of gourmet chocolates, cookies, and other treats is sure to send your message loud and clear. Ideal for a few special people, or sharing around the office.

This Secretary Day Gift Basket includes:

CHOCOLATE COVERED PRETZELS – Creamy chocolate on the outside, crispy pretzel on the inside. Two snack favourites that come together in a bite sized treat. A crowd pleaser perfect for passing around the office.

GINGER THINS – Traditional Swedish ginger cookies made by Anna's using the same recipe since 1929. Light, crispy cookies made with superior ingredients. A delightful ginger snap that pairs perfectly with coffee or tea.

GOURMET SHORTBREAD – Handcrafted and baked in small batches for real homemade goodness and taste. Made by Cookie It Up using only natural ingredients, including real butter. A melt in your mouth cookie.

CHOCOLATE TRUFFLE COOKIES – Crispy butter cookies, luscious filling, and a chocolate coating come together in this gourmet cookie. The key is the creamy truffle ganache filling that lies in the centre. Outside, it’s creamy milk chocolate for the ultimate cookie sandwich.

DARK CHOCOLATE BARS – Bittersweet dark chocolate bars with a creamy filling by Maitre Truffout. It’s a melt in your mouth combination of dark chocolate and lush espresso cream inside. The ideal way to spend a coffee (or tea) break.

KETTLE COOKED POTATO CHIPS – Gourmet chips made from potatoes grown in the Fraser Valley, BC. Made with all natural seasonings and cooked in small batches to a satisfying crunch. A snack that’s good for you.

CHOCOLATE POPCORN – An irresistible taste combination of light, crisp popcorn, and creamy milk chocolate. An upscale version of classic candy corn. Perfect for nibbling on anytime you need a break from the ordinary.

BASKET WITH HANDLES – Your gift set comes in a stylish rectangular basket with handles in a neutral colour.