Secretary Most Popular Chocolates

$65.00 CAD

Your hard working secretary deserve what they want. Their loved most popular chocolates. 

This Secretary Most Popular Gift Basket includes:

M&Ms CHOCOLATES --Real milk chocolate inside a crunchy candy shell—it's one of the world's favourite treats. It's been a popular snack since its introduction in 1941. A crispy start with an ultra smooth chocolate finish.

SMARTIES (REGULAR) – The candy favourite made since 1937 by Nestlé. Smarties combine a brightly coloured sugar coating with a crispy finish and smooth milk chocolate inside. A popular treat the world over.

KITKAT BAR – The traditional chocolate bar favourite made with smooth milk chocolate and crisp layered wafers. The Nestlé bar is made with all natural flavours for delicious taste every time. Perfect on its own as a quick snack, it's easily shared with friends and loved ones.

HERSHEY’S CHOCOLATE NUT BAR – Part of the Hershey's Chocolate family, in business since 1900. A creamy milk chocolate bar with a crunchy almond finish. A great escape from the ordinary.

POTATO CHIPS – Gourmet chips that begin with potatoes grown in the Fraser Valley. Made with all natural seasonings, and without artificial colours and flavours. A good for you snack with a delicious crunch.

CLASSIC OREO COOKIES – Everyone's favourite cookie to go along with milk. Two chocolate cookies with a crunch on the outside, with creamy smooth vanilla filling in between. A satisfying snack break.

TWIZZLERS LICORICE CANDY – Made by the same company since 1845, Twizzlers are classic red licorice with a fun, floppy texture. A single strand is the perfect quick snack on its own. A pack is perfect for sharing with friends or co-workers.

GIFT BASKET – This gift set comes in a reusable rectangular basket in a classic neutral shade, decorated in an attractive pattern.

This chocolate gift basket set is perfect for kids and adults . It’s packed with treats, including some of the world’s most popular brands, and comes in an elegant reusable basket.