Irish Blessing St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket

$80.00 CAD

Irish Blessing St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket includes: 

BOTTLE OF GUINNESS BEER x2- Guinness Beer Made in Ireland with a rich a creamy taste.

CRACKERS- These water crackers are great party snacks. Pair it up with some cheese for the full experience. 

PRETZELS- If you don't know what people like then always get the crowd favorites. Pretzels has always been the go to sharing snacks at every great party. 

POTATO CHIPS - If you want something healthy then you will love these gourmet chips. It's made with all natural seasonings, no preservatives, GMOs or artificial flavours. 

CARAMEL CORN - Another great sharing snack for parties. It they don't want salty foods, this is a great sweet alternative. 

NUTS- Healthy and crunchy. Full of essential nutrients and tastes delicious. 

ITALIAN OLIVES- Spicy green olives for a little snack, and kick of spice.