Sympathy Gift Basket With Gourmet Food

$125.00 CAD

    • The Sympathy Gift Basket with Gourmet Food includes:

      SHORTBREAD COOKIES – Delicious handmade shortbread cookies. Buttery and soft, this is a great snack to enjoy with tea. 

      CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - If you don't like regular almonds, these chocolate covered almonds will change your mind. 

      - Crispy crackers mixed with a combination of olive oil and sea salt. Pair this up with some dips and cheeses and this will be the only snack you will need for the day. 

      - You can't go wrong with a classic chocolate chip cookie. A great sympathy gift to give your loved ones. 

      COOKIES - Oatmeal cookies with a layer of chocolate on the bottom. It's crunchy and rich, this combination will make you want to finish the whole box in one go. 

      PRETZELS - A combination of crunchy and salty, this will taste even better when you eat it with chocolate. 

      TRUFFLES - These French truffles are little bundles of joy coated with a thin layer of cocoa powder. This funeral gift will turn those frowns upside down. 

      CHIPS – Natural potato chips made with the finest ingredients in BC. It's healthy and delicious. 

      CHEESE BISCUITS - Exquisite cheesy biscuits made with Swiss Gruyere cheese. An ideal snack when you want something light and crisp. 

      CHOCOLATE - A milk chocolate bar that is so smooth and rich that you wouldn't be able to put it down. 

      FAMOUS LINDOR GIFT BOX - A beautiful gift box filled with assorted chocolates with different flavors. Don't just stick with one flavor, try them all! 

    • The Sympathy Gift Basket with Gourmet Food is actually an attractive reusable bucket with a stylish neutral finish, filled to the brim and more with premium upscale treats both savoury and sweet. At Simontea, we've done the work for you in choosing from the very best the world of gourmet food has to offer to create this assortment of products made with the finest of ingredients, ideal for sharing. It represents a gift basket collection that is sure to convey your respect and concern in a way that acknowledges the recipient's good taste. During troubled times, those left to cope often don't have time to think of themselves. As a concerned friend, family member or business associate, you'll be offering them a welcome break from their difficulties with a message of support.