Tea Gift Basket

$100.00 CAD

This tea gift basket includes:

PEPPERMINT TEA - Our afternoon tea and cake gift baskets are a great way to relax during a busy work day. Peppermint tea is notorious for its healing and refreshing properties, the perfect pick-me-up in a cup. 

EARL GREY - Everyone loves earl grey, and it's high antioxidant levels are a great way to get in your daily dose. 

SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Our maple infused shortbread cookies are an artisan delight hand-made in small batches! You can taste the love and care put into our tea and cookies gift basket. 

OLIVE OIL CRACKERS - This tasty snack is infused with sea salt and olive oil to create a luxurious eating experience. 

FRENCH TRUFFLES - These decadent truffles are rich in texture and bold in taste, and will melt in your mouth. 

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES - This soft and chewy treat is our best selling addition to our tea gift baskets Toronto! Your favourite delicious dessert taste even better when followed with a sip of warmth. 

SORINI TRUFFLES - This assortment of Italian milk chocolates come in hazelnut and cappuccino flavours. 

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR - This Canadian-made chocolate bar is made from a traditionally rich recipe and is free from unnecessary filler ingredients. 

DARK CHOCOLATE BAR - The aforementioned chocolate delight also comes in dark chocolate, with a richer, deeper, cocoa taste. 

OATMEAL COOKIES - Our tea basket delivery options feature these bite-sized oatmeal cookies with a chocolate layer coating the bottom. It's amazing how quickly the bag finishes! 

PRETZELS - This salty confection is the perfect way to balance out sweetness. Eat alone or create your own DIY snack mix. 


Each of our baskets are professionally assembled to include a hand-tied ribbon and complimentary personalized card.