Tuscany SOLD OUT

$90.00 USD

This gift basket includes premium Italian products that makes an impression on the receiver! With a fine selection of:

- Sloane Tea

- Wildly Delicious bruschetta

- Artichoke Parmesan dip

- Focaccia crisps

- Sable & Rosenfeld olives

- Piacelli olive oil

- Sun dried tomato dip

- Bistro hot chocolate

this basket will take you on a trip to the Italian coast. The best way to say thank you or congratulations, this gift basket is going to be a sure-fire winner!

What are good things to put in a gift basket?

Not sure what to put in a gift basket? It's imperative to us that we use top-quality products of the finest ingredients for our gourmet baskets. When someone gets to try our selection of yummy snacks, they have you to thank. If you are creating your own, keep in mind the receiver's taste. Incorporate and customize items that would best suit them and their life preferences. If you know what they love and/or what they need, make that a variable. If they are a hands-on, tactile person, include activities or tools that supply their hobbies. Do they paint, garden, or play a sport. If they're big foodies, keep in mind their palette: do they prefer sweet, savoury, or both?

How do I find the perfect gift for someone?

The perfect gift includes a balance of what they want and what they need. Having a ratio of these two variables will leave them satisfied on multiple levels. This also make it fun to tailor-make a box you know they will love, and constantly thank you. If you can include these two types, then your basket is the gift that keeps on giving!