Valentine's Day Gift Basket with Free Shipping

YES We Are Open

Please be aware, for the safety of our customers and the delivery drivers, they’ll be releasing packages without a signature to mitigate the risk of any person to person contact.
We will do delivery on 10th,11th April Toronto GTA Only

Free shipping anywhere in Canada. This Valentine's day gift basket includes:

Heart Shaped Chocolate Bar - It's not Valentine's day without hearts and chocolates.

Lindt Heart Shaped Box - Sweet chocolates for a sweet occasion. 

Lindt Chocolate Bar - Delicious milky chocolate that melts in your mouth.

Chocolate Covered Almonds - Little chocolate almonds with a blast of flavors.

Caramel Popcorn - The perfect snack for a movie night.

French Truffles - Coated with a generous amount of cocoa powder. You won't be able to stop once you've tried it.

Chocolate Cookies - Can't go wrong with some delicious cookies.

Pretzels - A savoury option for your sweet basket.

Chips -  No cholesterol or artificial ingredients. All natural and tastes amazing. 

Valentine's day theme basket

Hand made bow

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