Wine and Cheese X-Mas Baskets

$135.00 CAD

This Gift Basket  Includes:

RED CABERNET WINE (1 BOTTLE): The holidays are for celebrating, and what better way than with this full-bodies red cabernet from Chile. Recommended pairings include grilled steak, back ribs, brisket. Perfect for Christmas dinner.

WATER CRACKERS: Made with light seasonings, these artisan baguette bite crackers are great to serve with an appetizer spread of cheeses, dips, hummus, and more.

CASTELLO BRIE: Danish brie by Castello is soft, creamy, and best served warmed accompanied by a glass of wine. Try with fresh baked bread or crispy crackers for best taste. 

SEASONED PRETZELS: Twisted, classic mini pretzels. Crunchy and lightly seasoned, these pretzels make a great snack to share with guests at a holiday gathering or social event. 

GOURMET CHOCOLATE SHORTBREAD: Shortbread cookies are a classic holiday treat. These gourmet shortbread are the perfect blend of sweet and buttery.

FRENCH COCOA TRUFFLES: For a finer chocolate treat, these French-inspired chocolate truffles made in Quebec have a soft, ganache interior and are coated in only the finest cocoa powder for a luxe treat. Pair with a glass of red wine. 

CARAMEL POPCORN BY SPUDNIKS: Popcorn for the holidays just makes sense! Famous original popcorn by Spudniks coated in creamy, sweet caramel for the perfect sweet and salty combination!

CHEDDAR BISCUITS: Bite-sized shortbread biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar. This combination is perfect for a treat to accompany a warm cup of tea. Share with guests this holiday season, or enjoy on Christmas morning to get your day started! 

HARDBITE POTATO CHIPS: Proudly Canadian gourmet potato chips. Using potatoes grown in British Columbia and only natural ingredients, these potato chips will be your new best-loved potato chip brand. 

CHIC BASKET: To hold the gourmet products included in the Wine and Cheese X-Mas Basket is the included chic fabric basket pictured. A nice sized basket with an interwoven design that can be repurposed throughout the house for a number of uses. It's dark chestnut tint contrasts bright fruits to work as a stunning fruit basket for a kitchen table or countertop. The basket is made strong and can hold a good amount of weight. 

What could go together better than a full bodied Cabernet Sauvignon and an assortment of savoury gourmet treats? This premium gift basket is sure to be welcomed as your thoughtful expression of thanks or celebration. Red wine with cheese, crackers and other delicious goodies in an attractive classic basket is a gift that is meant for sharing. It's the perfect expression of thanks for a job well done or for family and friends who went out of their way to help. Wine is a celebratory gift that says “Congratulations!” at important milestones like anniversaries and birthdays, and it's the perfect way to say, “Welcome to your new home!”

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Liz F.
Update! Baskit Arrived!

Yay! Happy Dance! It looks good! Getting an ask for a review earlier before it arrived really threw me for a loop. But It did arrive today. Thank YOU! Happy Holidays! I know its a really busy time of the year!