Gourmet Heavenly Sweet Large

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The Gourmet Heavenly Sweets Gift Basket includes:

SORINI TRUFFLES: Italian style truffles from Sorini, made with a rich milk chocolate shell and creamy cappuccino-flavoured filling. It’s the perfect treat with coffee.

GOURMET CHOCOLATE ALMONDS: From Lamontagne, an award-winning chocolatier, comes this delightful confection made with whole almonds, a creamy chocolate layer, and coffee-flavoured candy coating.

GODIVA MILK CHOCOLATE: A classic tablet of smooth Belgian milk chocolate lovingly crafted from the finest ingredients by Godiva.

LINDOR CHOCOLATE BAR: A classic Swiss milk chocolate bar from Lindor by Lindt, crafted to an ultra smooth finish that melts in your mouth.

CHOCOLATE PISTACHIOS: A delectable innovation from Lamontagne, an award-winning chocolatier, made with crunchy whole premium pistachios and the finest milk chocolate.

MILK CHOCOLATE BAR: A decadent Canadian-made chocolate bar with a super creamy finish, crafted from premium ingredients for the finest taste and quality.

ARTISAN OATMEAL COOKIES: Classic chewy bite-sized oatmeal cookies with a gourmet flair, featuring a luscious milk chocolate layer on the bottom.

BITE-SIZED PRETZELS: An upscale version of the traditional snack favourite, made with premium ingredients and baked to a satisfying salty crunch.

CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES: Luscious and chewy-soft, these bite-sized cookies are made with fine ingredients, including real chocolate chips, for a delicious snack any time of day.

COCOA DUSTED TRUFFLES: Decadent and silky smooth chocolate truffles made according to the French tradition, with a dusting of cocoa powder to add to the intense chocolate flavour.

HANDMADE CARAMEL POPCORN: Spudniks of Toronto makes their gourmet snack by hand with premium popping corn and a luscious layer of sweet caramel. Made without dairy, and containing no cholesterol, trans fat, or gluten. Certified Kosher.

Your gift basket will make arrive beautifully presented in a wrapping of cellophane, with a hand-tied satin bow and the card of your choice.

Deliver your best wishes with fashionable flair and a wonderful assortment of gourmet treats sure to please any crowd. You’ll make an impression with this elegant gift basket and upscale chocolates, sweets, and other treats carefully sourced from domestic and imported manufacturers.

The Gourmet Heavenly Sweets Gift Basket is big enough for a work group or department, larger family, client office, or any group of people who are important to you. With an elegant presentation in a neutral coloured reusable container, and a careful selection of gourmet treats to share, it’s the perfect way to mark any special occasion or holiday.