With Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket

$240.00 CAD

        • This With Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket includes:

          CASTELLO BRIE CHEESE - This delicious, soft brie is famously made by the Danish company Castello.

          ARTISAN CRACKERS - This sympathy gift is a combination of olive oil and sea salt. A great mixture of flavors to savor.

          MAPLE SHORTBREAD - We all know that cookies make for a great comfort food, and these shortbread cookies with sweet maple are sure to brighten your day.

          - A warm cup of coffee is good for the soul. Premium blended coffee, made locally in Toronto. 

          COOKIE IT UP GOURMET COOKIES - Delicious homemade-style cookies that are made using simple and fresh ingredients.

          ESTA FINE TRUFFLES - Delicious assortment of chocolate truffles with 3 different flavours. Milk, dark and caramel truffles individually wrapped and packaged. Enjoy with friends and family. 

          GOURMET POTATO CHIPS - Fresh potato chips made in BC's Fraser Valley. A healthier option that doesn't include any GMOs, artificial flavors or colors.

          CHOCOLATE TRUFFLES - Your taste buds will love these soft and rich French truffles.

          CHEESE BISCUITS - Shortbread biscuits made with real Canadian cheddar for a taste like no other! 

          CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS x2 - A classic snack for on the go. These milk chocolate covered almonds are the perfect snack, whole almonds covered in a creamy milk chocolate. 

          WATER CRACKERS - Airy, and crispy crackers. Perfect to pair with compote and brie cheese. Add to your charcuterie board during your next gathering.

          PRETZELS - A great snack to provide your guests when you don't know what to serve. 

          CARAMEL POPCORN - Sweet and crunchy. A great funeral gift to provide sweetness to your day.  

          GOURMET SHORTBREAD COOKIES - Sweet and buttery, these cookies taste exactly how shortbread should.

           - Rich dark chocolate bar with luxurious taste. Try paired with a glass of red wine.

          - Proudly Canadian made potato chips, made with no preservatives, trans fats or GMOs. 

          - Mini biscuit style cookies with a salty spin from Canadian cheddar. 

           - A square of creamy, mouthwatering milk chocolate can fix anything! Made in Quebec. 

           - The highlight of this gift basket is the stunning rattan handwoven basket that is included in this With Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket. The basket is a nice size and can fit a number of items within. Additionally, the basket is designed to have a vintage look, with elegance and style. Your recipient will find so many useful purposes for this new rattan basket in their home. It's supportive and can keep delicate household items like blankets and towels safe. It's an absolutely stunning piece and your recipient will be in awe of this gorgeous basket.

    • This gift basket collection comes with a Gallic flair and sense of style – and that extends to the taste buds too. Family, friends, business associates or colleagues will appreciate this stylish sympathy gift basket collection that comes in a handmade wooden crate with a vintage finish and feel. From Brie cheese to French truffles, the selection of premium items inside the crate includes many French and European style delicacies both savoury and sweet that are sure to leave an impression on your chosen recipient. You will be offering them a gift of luxury and a pleasant break from the ordinary at a most difficult time – one that is sure to be appreciated with the welcome sentiment of caring that goes along with it. Add a gorgeous presentation with a hand tied bow and the effect is complete..