With Deepest Sympathy Gift Basket

$200.00 CAD

        • This Sympathy Gift Basket includes:

          LINDOR GIFT BOX - A delicious box of assorted chocolates. Filled with different flavors, this will please everyone's cravings. 

          GODIVA CHOCOLATE - Rich and smooth milk chocolate bar that will melt in your mouth.

          CHEESE - Pair this Brie cheese with some crackers and biscuits. 

          FRUIT COMPOTE – Fresh fruit compote made in Canada. This will taste great over some cake or ice cream. 

          CHOCOLATE ALMONDS - Coffee flavored chocolate almonds. A great combination for someone looking for a new twist. 

          CHOCOLATE PISTACHIOS - All snacks taste great when covered in chocolate! This applies to pistachios as well.

          MILK CHOCOLATE BAR TRADITION - This condolence gift is a classic milk chocolate bar, made with rich and high quality ingredients. 

          FRENCH TRUFFLES - Your taste buds will love these soft and rich French truffles.

          COOKIES - Oatmeal cookies with a delicious layer of milk chocolate at the bottom. 

          CHEESE BISCUITS– This Swiss Gruyere cheese biscuit is excellent for people with exquisite tastes. 

          CRACKERS - This sympathy gift is a combination of olive oil and sea salt. A great mixture of flavors to savor.

          PRETZELS - A great snack to provide your guests when you don't know what to serve. 

          POPCORN - Sweet and crunchy. A great funeral gift to provide sweetness to your day. 

          SORINI TRUFFLES - You are going to love these Sorini Truffles. They are soft and absolutely delicious.   

          COOKIE - A classic snack with lots of milky rich chocolate chips. 

          GOURMET POTATO CHIPS – Fresh potato chips made in BC's Fraser Valley. A healthier option that doesn't include any GMOs, artificial flavors or colors.

    • This gift basket collection comes with a Gallic flair and sense of style – and that extends to the taste buds too. Family, friends, business associates or colleagues will appreciate this stylish sympathy gift basket collection that comes in a handmade wooden crate with a vintage finish and feel. From Brie cheese to French truffles, the selection of premium items inside the crate includes many French and European style delicacies both savoury and sweet that are sure to leave an impression on your chosen recipient. You will be offering them a gift of luxury and a pleasant break from the ordinary at a most difficult time – one that is sure to be appreciated with the welcome sentiment of caring that goes along with it. Add a gorgeous presentation with a hand tied bow and the effect is complete..