January 14, 2022

Discover the best gifts for a coworker’s baby shower in our helpful guide. If you’ll soon be attending the baby shower of a coworker or just want to send a thoughtful gift to wish them well, then this blog has you covered. Read on to learn the best gifts for a coworker’s baby shower. 

How Much Should You Spend On A Baby Shower Gift For A Coworker?

When determining how much money you should spend on a coworker’s baby shower gift, there are several things to consider. The first and most important is how close you are. Is this coworker someone who simply works in the same office as you, or would you consider them a friend? The closer you are to the expecting parent, the more money it’s customary to spend. 

The next thing to consider is whether you’ll be going to their baby shower in person, or sending a gift. If you were invited to the shower but can’t make it, a nicer gift goes a long way to smooth over hurt feelings. However much you spend, make sure you keep your personal budget in mind and don’t let customs bankrupt you. 

Coworker Baby Shower Gift Ideas

If you’re trying to think of the best baby gifts to give your coworkers, consider what you know about the new parents and the child they’re expecting. Are they having a boy or girl? If you’re not sure, or they’re waiting to learn about the gender, there are many unique newborn baby gift ideas to consider that are gender-neutral. 

Instead of clothing in blue for a boy or pink for a girl, consider items in green, yellow or white. That way no matter which gender their baby is, they’re sure to have a ton of stylish baby clothes that they’ll adore.

Coworker Baby Gift Basket

One of the best ways to surprise your coworker as they celebrate the birth of their new baby is with a generous new baby gift basket. Browse our collection of incredible gift baskets for newborns and select the trendy baby gift that catches your eye. Simontea offers unique baby gift baskets for new baby boys, gifts for baby girls and an array of neutral baby gifts. There’s something for everyone! 

All of our incredible baskets for babies are full of essential items new parents will love. From adorable baby onesies and PJ sets to cozy blankets for swaddling and sleep time. We offer adorable baby gift baskets for coworkers with the best selection of soft plush toys from around the world. Whether you’re delivering it in person or sending a gift when you can’t make it, a baby gift basket from Simontea is the best baby gift for coworkers.

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