Why People Choose Simontea as Their Gift Basket Delivery Service

December 07, 2013

At Simontea, we dedicate everything to research the most noteworthy items to include them in our gift baskets. We don't just make extraordinary gifts baskets, we make sure they're designed to be loved and garner the service it takes to be trusted. They say it takes a village, and our team works together to deliver the most optimal service and product for you and your recipient. 

Our job is make your life easier, but no one has time to fuss over a gift. Whether you're trying to surprise a sibling or bulk-buy holiday gifts for the office, our goal is to save you the effort! 

Our website displays the countless options for any occasion and budget. Include add-on items to customize your basket to suit your needs. Our birthday, holiday get well, sympathy, and baby baskets feature everything people want to receive so you know they will be satisfied. Our devoted couriers make sure to give their fast and dependable service so you too can be satisfied with your order. 

When curating a box, we always ask, "Would you like to receive this gift basket?" as one of our quality-checking steps. It's imperative that we represent you through our gift basket delivery and that's why we're explicit in delivering greatness. What is important to you, is important to us, and of our highest priority. 

If you'd like to send an arrangements, browse our options on www.simontea.com or call us at 905-669-6965. 

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