January 29, 2014

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Chocolate gift baskets

Chocolates gift baskets for any occasions

  Buy a chocolate gift hamper and make somebody smile today! CLICK HERE TO BUY Types of Occasions you Can Gift Chocolate Baskets For There is nobody in the world that doesn’t love chocolates except perhaps for diabetics and supermodels! Chocolates have had the entire human population in their sweet grip ever since they were invented. Nowadays chocolates come in exquisitely designed baskets with beautiful combinations and pretty decorations. These hampers are perfect for gifts and suited to all occasions. When you cannot think of anything to gift then gift chocolates and you are sure to bring a smile to the most sombre of faces. Here is a list of occasions chocolate gift baskets are perfect for. anniversary-chocolate-baskets Sweet Birthdays From a nine year old kid to a ninety year old grandmother nobody is immune to the charms of chocolate. Birthdays are always occasions of fun and celebrations and sweet chocolates are the perfect gift on such days. Suppose you are invited to a friend’s birthday party and you really don’t know what to gift him or her as you are not particularly aware of his or her preferences. Rather than buying something which the person will really like and subsequently never use, try gifting a box or hamper of premium chocolates. Chocolates are perfect gifts as they are so widely appreciated and loved. Tender Anniversaries An anniversary is a celebration of love between two individuals. Whether you are buying an anniversary gift for your husband or wife or simply another couple, chocolates is the perfect option. Your partner or friends will be thrilled to receive a delightful chocolate hampers and they are going to thank you for the bottom of your heart. There are so many varieties of chocolates to choose from; bitter sweet, coffee, liqueur, dark, and white, nut infused or simply gloriously plain that you will b spoilt for choice. Chocolates are also known as powerful mood enhancers and aphrodisiacs so you can imagine the advantages of giving your partner lovely chocolate gift baskets. In fact, be wise and present chocolates whenever you want your partner to be in a very good mood. Graduation nights When your son or daughter or a dear relative graduates it’s time for celebrations. Chocolates are traditionally known as gifts that delight the receiver and give them a mark of love and honour. Presenting chocolate gift baskets or fine dark premium chocolates wrapped up in a special message will surely make the graduation girl or guy feel on top of the world. Weddings and engagements Weddings are lifetime promises which are sealed with a kiss. What better gift to mark this sweet and sentimental occasion than beautifully designed chocolate gift baskets. Present the newly married couple with matching bride and groom chocolate apples and make them feel special. If you are getting marred then surprise your partner with a basket of exquisite goodies with a romantic message inside. Chocolate hamper designing companies have come up with so many creative and interesting ideas that you are sue to be spoilt for choice when you visit one of the stores. Buy a chocolate gift hamper and make somebody smile today!
December 07, 2013

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Why people like Simontea

Simontea dont make ordinary gift baskets, might be reason. Would you like to recieve one of this gift baskets? That s what we ask ourselves, when we design new baskets. If answer is clear  YES , we make that basket part of our  corporate gift baskets collection. #corporategiftbaskets @giftbasketsgta are awesome. Take a look.
November 30, 2013

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Best Sellers Gift Baskets Toronto

Best selling gift baskets in Toronto

Go on express yourself with some from our best selling gift baskets. Send then to someone for holidays, to thanks them, or to wish them speedy recovery. This is best selling gift baskets on Simontea online store. Click on images to go to online store. best seling gift baskets torontoHeavenly sweet $79 (Free delivery same day in Toronto)   bestseller gift basketsJewel $40   get well baskets  in TorontoCasual basket $70   From our baby baskets colection, bestsellers are: baby boy basketsMy pupy $96   rocking horse baby basketsRocking horse gift baskets for baby boy or girl $180   Simontea gift baskets are premium, luxury gift baskets, for any occasion. Our premium service, same day delivery, free shipping for Ontario, are our signature. Expect nothing less than perfect, everytime.        
November 19, 2013

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Multiply gift baskets order

If you like to place multiplay gift baskets order (sending gift baskets to more than 1 address), please call us at 416 421 7437, to be sure about availability, and shipping charges, which could be very different, than our flat shipping charge we are charging for individual orders (usually $15). We alow discount for multiply corporate orders from 5% (5-24 baskets), up to 12% (for 50 baskets or more). You can place your orders online, but be aware that shipping charges CAN NOT be calculated automatically during check out, so we will contact you with exact amount we need to charge you for delivery. For multiply orders, or corporate orders, please send us all recipient addresses in excel, word or PDF file, on e mail sales@simontea.com. We offer same day gift baskets delivery Toronto . If order are placed before 11AM, we will do free same day delivery for gift baskets over $75  (Toronto area only - Thornhill, Vaughan, North York, Mississauga, Richmond Hill, Scarborough).For surounding area (Burlington, Oakvile, Oshawa, Aurora, King city, Caledonia... will be additional charge for same day delivery $29). multiply corporate gift baskets order Toronto
November 11, 2013

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Italian gourmet gift baskets

Simontea #giftbaskets  company from Toronto @GiftBasketsGTA , offers you few new gift baskets, with italian theme. Finest gourmet products from Italy, packed in beautiful reusable baskets, with custom made satin ribbon, will make happy any recipient on your holiday list. We make those baskets , to become standard items in our gourmet gift baskets line up, so we make them really really good. italian gift baskets  salad bowl italian gift basket You can place orders online (gourmet baskets delivery toronto) or by phone 416 421 7437. For corporate gifting, we can personilized any basket, with your logo (on satin ribbons ) or ad some items with your logo.

Italian gourmet gift baskets Toronto

Simontea offering same day delivery services for Toronto GTA. You need to deliver gift baskets same day - no problem. Call us to arrange  same day delivery to any part of Toronto. One of our best selling  gourmet gift baskets are Tuscani (shown under).  
October 28, 2013

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Exquisite Corporate Gift Baskets

Large selection of corporate gift baskets. If you are looking for luxury, unique, exquisite gift for your business partners, Simontea has lot option for you. We can make custom corporate gift baskets, for any budget you my have. For high end gift baskets, check out our corporate gift baskets Toronto section. There is few baskets from that selection high end corporate gifts  Unique ciorporate gift baskets Click here for more corporate gift baskets Exquisite Corporate Gift Baskets, will please anyone from your list. Just to say thank you for referral, or for well done job, to holiday gifting, they will shine, and will be remembered. How many times you get gift baskets, you wasn't  happy about. Don t  do same mistake, when sending corporate gift basket to someone. It s not  just job to be done. Your executive secretary, need to be sure that basket will be good loking, useful, with good quality products. And don't  forget proper greeting message, we will write on Simontea custom design greeting cards. As you can  see from the pictures, all our corporate gift baskets comes with spectacular hand made satin bow in lots different design and colors. We have so many positive reviews and feedback s  about our gift baskets, and so many returning customers, because of great quality. So try our baskets, try our service (we offer same day delivery in Toronto GTA, or free shipping in Ontario), and you will find out why Simontea gift baskets are perfect every time.

Exquisite Corporate Gift Basket

All baskets comes with reusable items we are using like basket. Could be beautiful wooden hand painted box, leather chest, planter ...They are all picked to be great companion with finest quality chocolate products, from brand name manufacturers, as well small artisan local suppliers.  
October 17, 2013

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Holiday gift baskets Toronto

Need a perfect gift for holiday season? Holiday gift baskets are most convenient way to wish someone happy holidays. Just pick one you like, and SIMONTEA gift basket will make fast delivery (same day delivery in Toronto available) to anyone on your list. Chocolate gift baskets are most popular (99% of population like chocolates) so this is sure guess. Our chocolate gift baskets are made from best posible chocolate products on market. Same day delivery gift baskets  Toronto service available. corporate-baskets-toronto    corporate gift baskets  

Holiday gift baskets Toronto

SIMONTEA gourmet baskets will make good impression, with their original appearance, with exquisite bow made from premium satin material. Our long list of premium chocolate and cookies suppliers include: Saxon Ma s chocolate Davids Chocolate factory Cookie it up  ... holiday luxury baskets     Holiday hampers Holidays are times to celebrate life, friends, family. Gifting is important part of holidays, so do it right way. We can help you with our advice, and if you need personalisation to. Gifts must be remembered and be useful. Any SIMONTEA holiday gift basket Toronto, will be exactly that. For holidays you can use some holiday songs, as well holiday travel and holiday hampers  .

Holiday gift baskets Toronto

It s not necessary for holiday baskets to be expensive. You can find lots gift baskets less then $100, even gift baskets less than $50, just go to our online store and find one for your friends or family. With every gift basket, are included our free greeting card. greeting card for gift baskets
October 04, 2013

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Gourmet gift baskets Toronto

Simontea gourmet gift baskets Toronto company, introducing new Same Day Delivery Toronto services for gift baskets. For any order, $75 or more, you will get FREE Same Day Delivery in Toronto.

Gourmet gift baskets Toronto

Our beautiful gourmet gift baskets offering great appeal, and are perfect for any occasion. Simontea gift baskets boast elegant designs and unique contents. We ensure that every item included in our gourmet gift baskets is a worthy of entering any home. toronto gourmet baskets   best gourmet gift baskets toronto Simontea offers a festive array of luxury gourmet gift baskets, you will find basket, that are sure to please anyone. All our gift baskets come with beautiful luxury custom made bow.     For any occasion, anniversary,  birthday, christmas, our gourmet baskets will make them happy. They will enjoy in every single products, we pick for our baskets. Believe us or not , we didn't place no single items, until we try numerous time, and when we are absolutely sure, this is premium quality, they find their place in our gourmet baskets.

Luxury gourmet baskets

For your corporate clients, you need to find the best. SIMONTEA paying attention to every detail, when it comes to corporate gifting. Our luxury corporate gift baskets, are good looking, and want be unnoticed. Every year we introduce  new line corporate gourmet baskets, with new products and new design. Like this one : Unique and beautiful, what else you need. Simontea can do personalisation with some items,  or with satin bow with your company logo. Our corporate gift baskets Toronto specialist. will help you with any request you my have. Call us at 416 421 7437.  
September 26, 2013

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Valentine’s Day Gift Baskets

Valentine’s Day Gift Basket . Free shipping in Canada on items $75 and up. Avaliable same day delivery Call 416 421 7437 (Toronto same day baskets delivery $19.99)   Valentine’s Day Gift Basket Ideas Forgetting a gift for your loved one on Valentine’s Day is like committing an unpardonable sin. It definitely will give your loved one a good excuse to keep ripping you off with expensive gifts in future. However, if you remember it in the last minute but are unable to think of a suitable gift, then Valentine’s Day gift baskets Toronto will save your day. It will also save you from repenting by showering your loved one with gifts throughout the year. Valentine’s Day reminds you about the significance of your relationship. This day also makes you acknowledge that your life is better with your loved one in it. As a token of appreciation, love and respect, giving a gift to your loved one indicates that you are aware of their importance in your life. Conversely, when you have forgotten the importance of the day by forgetting to buy a gift, purchasing the Valentine’s Day gift baskets Toronto will make your loved one happy. Valentine’s Day gift baskets are filled with assorted gifts with special packaging. In fact, if you cannot think of a gift for your loved one, then gift baskets are a blessing. Many online stores offer great gift baskets but the quality of the products may be questionable. You will also put a hole in your pocket by buying the most exotic gift basket, which will be filled with down market goods. Ensure that you research a little bit before you select an online store. Browse through the products and read the reviews carefully. Call at least five stores and enquire about the sort of gifts they put in the gift basket, the different types of gift baskets, how much time will they deliver it in and also the rates. Compare the prices but if you are ordering in the eleventh-hour then you will have to pay for the express delivery. There are many types of Valentine’s Day gift baskets Toronto available in the market and you can choose the one that you feel represents your relationship or the person you love. Romantic gift basket This assortment has everything that symbolises romance. Chocolates, roses, bunny bears, kisses and set of small-assorted gifts that represents love packaged in a red gift basket and decorated with stringers. Valentine Spa basket The spa basket can be herbal, rose petal, lavender and it can be for the feet, back or whole body. This special basket aims to help your partner unwind and relax. The basket will include scented oil, bubble bath, bath salts, loofah sponge and incense candle. It will set the mood for a romantic evening. Crazy about you basket This is mostly a theme-based basket. Since you would know the tastes of your partner, you can give him a basket accordingly. You can give an organic basket that includes all healthy food items such as fruits, organic chocolate bars and nuts. You can bestow a picnic basket upon your loved one. Take your partner for a picnic and surprise her with a basket consisting of wine, chocolate biscotti, Cheese crackers and some toasted almonds.
September 25, 2013

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Order Christmas gift baskets Toronto Online

Order Gift Baskets for Christmas

Fastest and easiest way to order gift baskets for your family, or business partners is online shopping. Simontea gift basket Toronto gift basket company is ready for Christmas season - are you? All you need to do is to check out our web site www.simontea.com, where you will find all kind of Christmas baskets, for all budgets, starting from 29$. Upscale Christmas gift baskets cost from $150 - $450. For multiple addresses (if you need to send  Christmas gift basket to 10-20-30 or more different addresses ) you can fill out our form, and baskets will be on time  for Christmas there. Don't forget to place order at least 10 days before Christmas.  

Order Online Gift Baskets for Christmas

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