Baby Blankets

The best baby blankets are soft and luxurious. We offer high quality receiving blankets made from 100% cotton, muslin and organic materials. These types of plush baby blankets provide a gentile touch on your baby's skin, with only the tenderness and care your precious one deserves!

Receiving Blankets

Receiving blankets are used for a number of purposes. Swaddling is the main use as it is important to wrap your baby tightly with a baby security blanket. Babies love the feeling of being warm when they are covered in an ultra soft fabric. Teach your baby to self-soothe when they are sleeping soundly with their new receiving blanket. The best receiving blankets 2021 swaddle and do so much more. It can be used as a play mat when your baby is at a friend's house or needs a layer of protection when lying on the grass at the park. Parents can re-purpose this premium cloth as a shield against the hot sun or as a cover against the downpour rainfall. Additionally, a receiving blanket is designed to withstand messy spills or burps so parents particularly will appreciate its multi-functionality.

Organic Baby Blankets

Organic baby blankets would be parent's choice plush blanket because this luxury baby blanket is chemical and toxin-free. Organic cotton's greatest benefit is its natural fibres. This is important for newborns because baby's skin is more sensitive for it does not resist harmful chemicals as opposed to those of adult's.

Muslin Blankets

One of our most popular fabrics are muslin blankets. This ultra soft baby blanket is perfect for new parents because it is so breathable and baby-friendly. Muslin blankets keep your little one extremely comfortable and relieve any stress and anxiety that comes with entering a new world.  

100% Cotton Baby Blankets

100% cotton baby blankets is the kind of blanket you need to buy for baby. It is soft, highly absorbent, comfortable, and will relax your baby boy or baby girl with its gentile hypoallergenic material not prone to irritate the skin. Day or night, our baby blankets are durable and machine washable. Whether it is a short-term play day or a long term stay in the crib, any one of our baby blankets Canada is more than capable to have your little one looking good in a cute pattern and feeling amazing with a safe and secure material.