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Please be aware, for the safety of our customers and the delivery drivers, they’ll be releasing packages without a signature to mitigate the risk of any person to person contact.
We will do delivery on 10th,11th April Toronto GTA Only

APPLES - Bright and crispy, an apple a day does actually keep the doctor away! High in fiber and vitamin A, keep one at your desk to quickly satiate any hunger or cravings.

ORANGES - These vitamin C-packed fruits are great alone, dipped in chocolate, or freshly squeezed. 

PEARS - An elegant fruit, pears are a more paired-down (pun intended) fruit. Easily used in both savoury and sweet dishes, try them poached! 

TANGERINES - Easily to peel and great to add eat alongside trail mix or add into a salad, these are like oranges to go! 

SEA SALT CRACKERS - These crackers have their own olive oil infused flavour that doesn't override, but enhances any other flavours added. Spread cheese, compote, or dip into guacamole for Mexican night. 

CHOCOLATE COVERED ALMONDS - The perfect combination of smooth and crunchy and sweet and savoury! 

CHOCOLATE BAR - A classic treat everyone can love. 

  • Gourmet Fruit Baskets Toronto Canada. Fresh daily and local GTA delivery only.
    Bursting with a selection of seasonal fresh fruit, 10 to 12 pieces, with cheese and crackers, tea candy and chocolate.

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