Nature's candy really is the sweetest thing. Everyone loves it, even more so when they don't ask for it. One of the beautiful things about fruit is that everyone has a favourite. Whether you prefer pineapples, pears, or peaches, we select all produce to make sure they pass our quality control standards. Send a beautiful fruit gift basket to someone you care about. 

Send a burst of fruit flavour for parties, summer bbqs, get well soon, or to congratulate anyone who deserves it. The thing about fruit is that it pairs perfectly with our gourmet snacks and elegant wine selection. Add crackers, cheese, and compote for a picnic-to-go or add a bottle of premium red or white to get the party started. Whatever your palette may be, our colourful fruits can help paint a happy picture. Bring the farmer's market to someone having a sick day or to send a bowl of fresh fruit to anyone who needs a pick me up. Perfect for corporate situations, fruits are an elegant way to thank or congratulate.

We believe simplicity, in it's purest form, is all it take to impress. When well-executed, staying simple expresses more than a standard form of grandeur. Our fruit gift baskets work exactly in that way, by simply focusing on top-quality and bare beauty to make its own statement.

Fruit Baskets Delivery Toronto

We offer same-day fruit gift baskets delivery on all orders made before 11 am EST to all Toronto and Mississauga addresses. We've sourced our harvested produce from local farms to ensure great taste and in-season product for the most delightful experience. Something as minimal as fruit requires extreme attention to quality, so we oversee all packaging on site to maintain optimal freshness. Send some wholesome nourishment to a hospital or surprise your boss for a corporate-appropriate surprise. Whether it's summer or winter, our fruit platters are our top-selling gift option! Nothing like a gift of fruit to help the medicine go down. Taste the difference when you cut them up and serve on top of a sundae, bake into a pie, or blend into your morning smoothie.

Fruit salad is a great way to meal prep ahead of time to eat alone or in combination with your favourite foods. Add to chia seed pudding, overnight oats, or dip them into chocolate for fun and fast healthy snacks. Farm fresh and ready to be eaten for breakfast or dessert, try eating them with your eggs and bacon or grill them on the barbecue! Luckily, there's no wrong way of doing fruit! What better way than gifting someone a fresh fruit gift basket. 

Fast and reliable shipping across Canada, we offer same-day delivery on order to Toronto made before 11 am EST.