St. Patrick's Day Gift Basket

YES We Are Open

Please be aware, for the safety of our customers and the delivery drivers, they’ll be releasing packages without a signature to mitigate the risk of any person to person contact.
We will do delivery on 10th,11th April Toronto GTA Only

This gift includes:

Guinness Beer (2) - Can't celebrate St. Patrick's Day without Guinness Beer. Share it with your friends and enjoy your party. 

Heineken (2) - If they don't like Guinness, then give them Heineken. Another popular drink to have for this festive day. 

Gourmet Potato Chips - Healthy, no artificial flavoring, no GMOs and all natural seasoning. What more can you possibly ask for? 

Crackers - Highly recommend you to pair this up with the beer. It will taste 10 times better.

Pretzels - Beer also tastes great with some pretzels. This is definitely a party favorite.

Pistachio - Healthy and full of essential nutrients.  A great option for a healthier diet. 


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