Do you know why you must wear green on this festive day? It's so you can blend in with the leprechauns so they won't be able to pinch you! Our baskets carry green items to prevent you from getting pinched! Even if you aren't familiar with this day, it doesn't hurt to celebrate and learn about the Irish culture and heritage. Each basket includes only the best quality of products and they all look amazing.  
If you are attending any parties, bring St Patrick gifts with you! All the items are shareable and the host will be delighted. You can also choose to send a gift hamper to your friends house so they can enjoy at their own place. 
Remember to fill out your very own greeting card to make your present even more special. 

If you don't want any St Patrick themed baskets, we have many other ones that are also suitable for the occasion. If you are looking for something fancier, you can check out your wine basket collections. We have a variety of wines to choose from a fizzy Champagne to a smooth and rich red wine. These are great options for family gatherings and dinner parties. If you are just looking for something sweet, we got baskets full of candies, chocolates, cookies, etc. These baskets are the ideal snacking gifts to give your coworkers and friends. 

You can even customize your basket if you don't think it's enough. Add more snacks if you want a bigger basket. Maybe add a bottle of Prosecco to make your basket fancier. You could even include some stuffed animals for the kids (or adults). Whatever you have in mind, let us know and we will try our best to recreate your dream basket. Let us help you deliver your gift and make your St. Patrick's Day amazing. Your St Patrick's Day will be full of joy and happiness.