Wedding Gifts

Every wedding gift basket from Simontea Gift Baskets is beautifully hand-wrapped and decorated, showcasing only the best assortment of chocolates, wines, Champagne, and other goodies those two will be so eager to dive right into! Whether you need a wedding gift basket to bring to the ceremony you are attending, or you cannot be there on that special day, treat those two in your life in the best and most thoughtful way possible with a wedding gift basket from Simontea Gift Baskets. The bride and groom will adore the beautiful presentation, and will adore the finest selection of their favourite treats inside even more! As the two embark on a special journey through life together, make their wedding day truly one that they will never forget, and treat them to a wedding gift basket that they will cherish forever!

Send Your Gift For Wedding In Canada

Do you know of an upcoming wedding in Canada, and you’d like to send wedding gift baskets to Canada for the happy couple? Simontea Gift Baskets has the finest selection of gourmet wedding gift baskets that has only the best assortment of luxuries and treats the bride and groom will absolutely love! Whether you have friends or family who live in Canada and are tying the knot, or you have a co-worker, boss or other someone special in your life who are going to the beautiful country to get married, treat those in your life embarking on a special journey together right, and send wedding gift baskets to Canada as a perfect way to show your love and support to the happy couple! Nothing says ‘Congratulations’ better than sending wedding gift baskets to Canada for the two to cherish forever, so don’t let distance get in your way of making this important day for the two an even better one with a gourmet present from Simontea Gift Baskets!

Wedding Gift Baskets Toronto

Sending wedding gift baskets to Toronto has never been made easier! Order your wedding gift basket $100 or more before 11AM, and Simontea Gift Baskets offers Free Same Day Delivery in Toronto on business days per delivery address. For wedding gift baskets $100 or more, order after 11AM and receive an offer of Free Next Day Delivery in Toronto on business days per delivery address. Sometimes we just can’t afford to buy those in our lives such a extraordinary gift despite our want to do so for their special day, with the costs of the present itself, plus tax, shipping, and other ridiculous fees. At Simontea Gift Baskets, order and send wedding gift baskets to Toronto at an affordable price for high-quality and excellent value, and avoid all of the stress of paying ridiculous shipping and delivery fees! You are sure to find only the best wedding gift baskets for all of your friends or family getting married in the beautiful city of Toronto, so order and send wedding gift baskets to Toronto today – satisfaction is guaranteed!


Gift Baskets For Wedding 

We’d all love to be present for our friends and family members at all of the special occasions that come up in life, especially the joyful occasion of a wedding. But, there may be many reasons why it’s just not possible, from work and business responsibilities, to long distances that can keep us apart from those we are close to in spirit. An elegant wedding gift basket sends your best wishes in memorable style even when you can’t make it in person. From delicious artisan chocolates and other sweets, to wine and cheese pairings, and even fine Champagne for the bride and groom to toast your thoughtfulness in absentia, you can choose from a variety of carefully selected products they will receive in a stylish presentation that includes a hand-tied bow. What about a gift for the wedding party, or the bride-to-be and her maids of honour? Help spread the cheer at the wedding of those close to your heart with a well chosen gift basket.