Baby Girl Gift Basket Toronto

January 17, 2013

Simontea gift basket company from Toronto. Great baby gift basket for a girls. order online at or by phone 416 421 7437.
Got twin baby girls? This is the perfect baby basket for you. The Twin Baby Girls Gift Basket is not only adorable but matching as well. 
We specialize in making the perfect baby gifts for new arrivals, baby showers, or to surprise expecting parents. Whether you're looking for baby boy, baby girl, or gender-neutral baby gift baskets, we've curated a super-soft collection of clothes, toys, and toiletries the whole family can appreciate. If you can't be there for a visit, deliver any baby gift straight to the hospital. Or leave it as a surprise on their front porch for the baby's initial entrance to their new home. 
We consider the whole family when hand-packaging baby gifts. Include a plush toy for a big brother or big sister as they welcome their new best friend. In this time of change, parents, especially first-timers, are under serious stress. From a lack of sleep to always being in a state of confusion, make their lives a little easier by providing them with the goods. Cotton onesies, bibs, hats, and layers made for all seasons is exactly what they'll need on hand. There seems to never be enough clothes, as babies are constantly having diaper accidents or throwing up all over themselves. 

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