The Canadian Open 2013

July 27, 2013

We took the opportunity to visit RBC's Canadian Open Golf Tournament to support our friends who played in the Pro Am events this year. It was great pleasure to see all the great players (Matt Kuchar, Hunter Mahan, Vi Jay .....) and get a chance to chat with some of them. This event was a great experience enjoy good company, watch a good game, and connect with like-minded business people who operate with the similar company philosophy. 

This professional golf tournament is a 115-year-ago annual event that first took place in 1904. The Canadian Open is the top 3rd oldest tournament that has continuously run on the PGA, preceded by The Open Championship and The U.S. Open. Lee Trevino and Tiger Woods were the only two players that have won the Triple Crown (being able to win all three National Open's within the same season. 

As golf is a disciplined sport, we appreciate the art of mastery. As practice truly does make perfect, we were in awe of their skill and focus. Being involved in the scene is a great experience for us as craftsman and creatives. We got to mingle with the crowd and learn more about the art of golf and the explicit practice it takes to go pro. The absolute focus and stamina it takes to play professional golf wow'ed our whole team, and inspired us to give you the best service and product we can offer. We plan to hone our business practice to make your life easier with giving unbeatable, dependable goods you can trust. With this, we move forward to supply the best goods and delivery service for your gift basket needs. 


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