Christmas Gift Baskets

August 28, 2013

 Christmas Gift Baskets for Children Gift baskets for children are ideal for Christmas. You may fill the baskets with a wide assortment of toys, books and sweets and other items desired by kids. Most stores knock together specially customised gift baskets as per your requests. Here are some interesting ideas for getting Christmas gift baskets Toronto. A Typical Christmas Basket A standard Christmas gift hamper could consist of chocolates, candies, cup cakes, nuts and cookies. Include games, books and toys suitable for the child's age. Chocolate baskets Since most children are chocolate lovers, you will never go wrong in putting together a selection of white and dark chocolates, fudge, nougats and éclairs. Throw in a pack of chocolate chip cookies, as well. For the Football Fan A teenage boy would love to watch a game with a large bowl of popcorn by his side. Prepare a hamper with microwave popcorn bags, chips, soda cans, instant soup packets and dips. Include a large bowl in the hamper. Baby Basket The mother of an infant will certainly like this. Line a shallow basket with a baby blanket and fill it up with baby lotion, baby oil, baby shampoo, diaper bags, feeding bottles and a rattle. For an Ardent Hiker Pack in a pair of hiking boots, trail mixes, energy drink cans and chewing gum. You can include a T-shirt with a snazzy motive.  For Young Teenaged Girls Throw in make up items, perfumes, scented candles, romantic novels and gift cards for a restaurant. Include some specially wrapped chocolates and satin roses. For the New Fisherman Fill in a tackle box with baits, hooks and a fishing line. Add some fishing magazines, trail mixes and cans of soda. Indulge a Pasta Lover You may ask a Christmas gift baskets Toronto store to make up a gift hamper packed with clear containers filled with different kinds of pasta, sauces and other pasta making ingredients. Differently coloured pasta will create a great visual appeal. For a Dog Lover Pack a plastic bin in a wicker basket. Fill it with pet food and other dog supplies. Include a large towel for the dog to keep warm. Gardening Ideas A young gardener would love to get a wooden basket with gardening tools, packets of seeds, young plants and fertilizers. Add in a watering can and garden gloves. For a Fitness Freak Weight conscious teens would appreciate fruit in the gift basket. Include a wide assortment of fresh and dry fruit and nuts. Present books on slimming diets. Basket for the Little Girl A small girl would love to get a small purse, hair bands, hairgrips and other accessories. Do not forget to pack in a doll. Toss in some colour pencils and glitter pens. Basket for the Little Boy Tennis balls and swimming goggles will catch a boy's fancy. Include pop corn, chocolates, crayons and a drawing block for a snowy afternoon. Fluorescent stickers are a great favourite with young boys. For a Budding Golfer Ask a Christmas gift baskets Toronto store to put together a golf kit with a golf club, golf balls and tees. Include some snacks that the young golfer can carry to the golf course. Do not forget to add some cans of energy drinks.

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